English: The tempest Act 1

What’s happening in the first scene? A ship is trying to avoid being wrecked in a storm, the nobleman are bothering the mariners
What is Synedoche The use of a part to represent a whole
Synedoche is used when the Boatswain addresses the mariners as what? hearts
A boatswain is responsible for what? handling the rigging
What does the boatswain mean when he says “What cares these roarers for the name of king”? The waves don’t care if the king in on board or not
Gonzalo thinks the boatswain has a complexion fit for the gallows. What does that mean? He is destined to be hung, not drown
Which two nobles act the least admirably in scene 1? explain? Sebastion and Antonio; They’re cursing the sailors to mask their fear, as they sink
Who appears to be a peacemaker? Gonzalo
How does Miranda’s first speech in scene 2 define her character? She’s charming and gentle, shows compassion for sailers
Who or what has caused and controlled the shipwreck? Prospero and Ariel, Prospero uses white magic
What does it mean when Prospero removes his magic robe? No more allusion, he will speak the truth
Why does Prospero entrust the government of Milan to his brother? He grew uninterested in politica, wanted to study liberal arts-magic
How old is Miranda and how do we know? 15, exiled at 3, and its been 12 years since
Miranda uses what hyperbole to assure her father she is listening? What does she say? Exaggeration; “Your tale, sir, would cure deafness”
Who did Antonio accept help from when taking Prospero’s dukedom? King of Naples (Alonso)
List 3 reasons why Alonso helped Antonio steal from Prospero enemy of Prospero, Milan would be subservient to Naples, annual tribute
What does Antonio eventually believe about himself? He is the rightful duke
What did Antonio do to Prospero and Miranda? Puts them out at sea in a leaky boat
Who shows Prospero and Miranda kindness? What did this person do? Gonzalo, gave them supplies and books from Prospero’s library
Did the mariners survive the wreck? where are they? yes, they are asleep in the ship, charmed by Ariel
What did the witch Sycorax do to Ariel before she died? She imprisoned him in a pine tree (12 yrs)
How did Ariel escape the tree? Prospero magically freed him
Ariel uses which basic elements? Water, Air, Fire
Caliban is associated with which basic element? Earth
Why was Caliban kicked out? he tried to assault Miranda
According to Caliban, what is the only thing he learned from Prospero’s language? Cursing
How is Ferdinand brought into Miranda’s presence? Ariel leads him there
What does Miranda think Ferdinand is? What does Ferdinand think Miranda is? Spirit; Goddess
How do we know that prospero approves of Miranda’s attraction to Ferdinand? he wants them to be together (aside)
How many men had Miranda seen before Ferdinand? Who? 2; Prospero & Caliban
Why does Prospero put obstacles for Ferdinand and Miranda if he approves of them? Prizes to easily w on are not valued high enough
List Prospero’s friends Ariel, Gonzalo, Miranda
List enemies of Prospero Alonso, Antonio, Caliban
What experiences/ actions of Prospero, make him admirable? unfair loss of dukedom, raising Miranda alone and well, Devotion to Miranda, Teaching Miranda & Caliban, Freeing Ariel
Which of Prosero’s actions remind the audience that he has a fierce temper and can treat others harshly? Raising storm, Angry words to Ariel, threatening Ariel (cramps), was slave owner