E N G L I S H :: the tempest//brave new world

what are some of the themes expressed in the Tempest? (be able to understand each) challenges to authority, imprisonment, forgiveness, motivation by revenge and anger (revenge tragedy), justice, and an allegory to colonial times
what lenses are used in the Tempest? an archetypal lense, a historical sense, Biographical, Rousseauian len, Freud/Physoligical
explain the archetypal lens seen in the tempest cambellian monomyth through prospero and his journey
explain the historical lens seen in the tempest colonialism (through prospero to the treatment of the natives) social class (through the power on the island and back in Milan)economic (through prospero)sexuality (through Miranda and Caliban, Ferdinand)religion (through Caliban, son of the devil and a witch, worships Setebos) race (caliban – “cannibal”: montaigne of cannibals)language (they civilize caliban by teaching him english)
explain the Biographical lens seen in the tempest there are many aspects of shakespeare in Prospero because this is Shakespears last play so he bids farewell to his playwright career in the Tempest, and more through Prospero
explain the Rousseauian lens seen in the tempest who is more savage? Civilized Antionio vs Natural Caliban
explain the Freud/Physiological lens in the tempest the id, ego, and superego
who is seen as the “ID” in The Tempest? the Id is the part of someone who wants something, and they want it know, and if they do not get it now then they will react and “throw a fit”; caliban is seen as the Id
who is seen as the “Superego” in the Tempest? the Superego is the part of us that is the rule following, strict, controlling one where things must happen this way; Ariel is seen as the superego
who is seen as the “Ego” in the tempest? the ego is the part of us that helps keep everything going; Prospero is seen as the ego
Prospero the protagonist in the play and the father of miranda; former duke of Milan until his brother, Antonio sent him off to an island with his daughter; he practices his power on this island and uses it to punish and then forgive his enemies; he gets his power and magic from his books
Miranda daughter of Prospero; never seen any other men other than her father and Caliban; naive to others, since she has not seen anyone else in so long
Ariel Prospero’s spirit helper; trapped with Sycorax for a while until Prospero saved him and he becomes Prospero’s servent until he finally sets him free; able to carry out every task prospero needs
Caliban the other on the island; another one of Prospero’s servants; son of Sycorax, and was on the island when Prospero arrived; he believes that the island is his and Prospero stole it from him
Ferdinand son and heir of alonso and marries Miranda
alonso king of Naples and father of Ferdinand; aided Antonio in setting Prospero off to an island
Antonio brother of Prospero; power hungry and foolish;
Sebsatian Alonso;s brother; aggressive and cowardly;
Gonzalo old, honest lord; helped Prospero and Miranda to escape after Antonio took away Prospero’s title;
Trinculo and Stephano trinculo is a jester and stephano is a drunken butler who are members of the shipwrecked party and interact with Caliban and agree to help him take away the power of Prospero, but fail;
Boatswain good-natured; awakens from a long sleep at the end of the play
explain how Shakespeare is brought into the play this is his last play, so through Prospero and his dialogue he explains that this will be his last play; when prospero gives up everything in the end, it is like Shakespeare giving up his art and writing plays
explain the importance of King James in the play the play, for the second time, is performed in the celebration of King James’s daughter, Elizabeth
“Oh wonder! How many goodly creatures there are here! How beauteous mankind is! O Brave New World that has such people in it” said by miranda; she says this after seeing the Alonso and the other men for the first time; she is not used to seeing so many people and is used to an uncivilized world
“Now my charms are all o’erthrown, and what stregnth I have’s mine own…Let your indulgence set me free” (whole epilogue) said by prospero; he has forgiven everyone on the island and set them all free; he is giving up his power, recognizing that his death is soon, and planning to go back to Milan for the marriage of Miranda and Ferdinand; through this Shakespeare is asking the crowd for their applause and to send him off and out of his play career with their approval
“Our reveals are now ended. These are our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and melted into air, into thin air; And, like the baseless fabric of this vision, the cloud capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, the solemn temples, the great globe itself, yea, which it inherit shall all dissolve… turn my beating mind” said by Prospero; shakespeare speaks through him once again, saying good by to his playwrights; he even mentions the globe, reassuring the audience that it is shakespeare thinking through prospero;
“O, it is monstrous, monstrous! Me thought the billows spoke and told me of it; The winds did sing it to me; and the thunder, that deep and dreadful organ pipe, pronounced the name of prosper;; it did bass my trespassl therefore my son, i’ th’ ooze is bedded; and I’ll seek him deeper than e’er plummer sounded and with him there lie mudded” spoken by Alonso; he is expecting death through saying this; he realizes that he is guilty of sending prospero off to the island and knows he will die on the island because of it; this is said when Ariel comes to them as the devil and attacks them, and only the guilty can see it, it’s only a vision
“Admired Miranda, Indeed top of Admiratio, worth what’s dearest to the world…” Ferdinand to Miranda; he telling her how much he loves her and what he thinks about her
“You three men of sin, whom destiny that hath to instrument this lower world and what is in’t- the never-surfieted sea hath caused to belch up you and on this island, where man doth not inhabit…” Ariel to Alonso, Antionio, Sebastian
what type of play is The Tempest? a comedy in that it ends in a wedding or plans for a wedding
what does it mean to usurp something? how is this term used in The Tempest? it means to overthrow or take over; antonio usurps Prospero
what is an aside? when a character speaks to the audience and only the audience can hear it; or when a character speaks to one or more people but only that group of people can hear it
alphas it is the highest class in society; they are the most intellectual and educated; the ruling elite
Betas the second highest class in society; allowed to interact with the alphas bu no lower classes
Gammas the mid level class; they are mainly factory workers anad laborers
Deltas a low class in socity; they are mostly laborers and menial workers
Epsilons the lowest caste of the utopian society; they are malformed and very stupid
hypnopaedia sleep learning; it is part of the conditioning process; Huxley pretends that is was discovered that people could learn ethics while sleeping; it is used to ensure social stability; it teaches people to like their class and only their class; examples: “Everyone works for everyone” or “I don’t see why anyone would want to be an Alpha, Betas are just as great but with less work!” (not exact wording from the book
Mustapha Mond the world controller of Westen Europe, one of only ten controllers; one a young, ambitious scientist who almost got sent off of the island himself, but was given the choice to be a controller as well and chose to be the controller; he has a collection of religious writings and shakespeare, which is forbidden; Mond means world, and he is indeed the most powerful person in the world
John the Savage son of Linda and the Director who grew up on the savage reservation, outside of the world state; he spent his life alienated from the New Mexico Savage Reservation, which makes him unable to fit into the world state society when he goes to London; he is greating influenced by his readings of Shakespeare, which he is able to quote; he is in love with Lenina, but refuses to have sex with her because he has the savage mindset and kills himself later in the novel because he “ate civilization” and does not like it;
London London is the place where the World State where this story takes place is; it is a place of the class system, Bockanovsky groups, and constant soma; everyone is having sex when not working (and loving their work) or having soma and the world is completely different that today; all books and art is banned because it is too old and beautiful, and the people would not understand it; ranked in classes but their capabilities that they have, which they obtain by their treatment and conditioning in their bottles; the only books and learning they have is about their society and their jobs; their religion is worshiping Ford, because he was extremely efficient and that is what they desire, efficiency and stability
feely movies where the audience not only gets to see and hear the movie but appeal to all of their senses, like touch, taste, smell, emotion, as if they were in the movie
Soma a narcotic used to create pleasant sensations without an after effects; it is used to ensure that all of the people are happy with their lives jobs and to ensure social stablility; the word is actually taken from a drug that exists in India
Helmholtz an alpha lecturer as the college of emotional engineering, making him a prime example of his caste; he feels that his work is empty and meaningless; he wants to use his writing abilities for something more meaningful but he is not allowed to; he has common ground with Bernard because they both do not agree with some of the aspects of the World State; he is more more philosophical and intellectual;
Solidarity service a ceremony that replaces religion with strong sexual elements; this includes Orgy Porgies (a hymn that signifies a group of people coming together in a unified oneness)
New Mexico this is where the savage reservation that John and Linda live in; there are many Native Americans here that John interacts with and other men and women that influence his learning; he grows up in a very hard life here
Tomakin the director of hatcheries and conditioning, called tomakin by linda; he is the father of John and he confronts him of this, but everyone thinks he is crazy; he is a threatening figure with a lot of power and can send Bernard off to iceland
mother it is a scandalous and obscene act to have a child in the World State; John is the child of linda, who used to live in the world state but was sent to the savage reservation because she was pregnant with John; he calls her linda instead of mother because she refuses to call his mother, since she still has a world state mindset; there is no marriage and families in the Brave New World, so it would be crazy to call some one mother or father
what are some of the themes in Brave New World the use of technology to control society, the consumer society, incompality of happiness and truth, the dangers of an all-powerful state
what is a dystopia? an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one
what are some main points reached in “of cannibals” by Michel Montaigne? anything that is not familiar to ones culture is barbaric and not like them at all, crazy; they judge these people from their own eyes of reason; a life free of artificial inequalities is true freedom
how does Sigmund Freud’s life impact Brave New World? his family life was very unpleasent, just like in brave New World where they did not have families and family life seemed weird; Cocaine had wonder effects on his life, just like Soma does in BNW; he teamed up with a french doctor who would treat the mentally ill patients with hypnotism, like the hypnophaedia in BNW; Freud was interested in sex and he believed that the root of neurotic diseases came from sex, whether the desire for it or the abuse of it; Freud gave up sex for a very long time because he did not want it to make him crazy, similar to the ideas of John who refused to have sex as well; most of the ideas and ideologies of sex in BNW came from Freud
what is the importance of Ford in BNW? he is the lord of their story; through his productive success he was able to accomplish a ton and be the head of industry in the U.S.; because BNW is so focused on work and efficiency, he was fit for the Lord; extremely powerful through his success in industry