The Merchant of Venice – Lorenzo + Jessica

hand “I know the ____; in faith ‘t is a fair ____” (Lorenzo)
faithless “She is issue to a _________ Jew” (Lorenzo)
furnished “What gold and jewels she is _________ with” (Lorenzo)
lovely garnish “So are you, sweet, Even in the ______ _______ of a boy” (Lorenzo)
judge of her “For she is wise, if I can _____ __ ___” (Lorenzo)
fair “And ____ she is, if that mine eyes be true” (Lorenzo)
little shrew “In such a night did pretty Jessica, like a ______ _____, slander her love, and he forgave it her” (Lorenzo)
wealthy Jew “In such a night did Jessica steal from the _______ ___, and with an unthrift love did run from Venice as far as Belmont” (Lorenzo)
hell “Our house is ____” (Jessica)
merry devil “a _____ _____, didst rob it of some taste of tediousness” (Jessica)
heinous sin “Alack, what _______ ___ is it in me to be ashamed to be my father’s child!” (Jessica)
manners “Though I am a daughter to his blood, I am not to his _______” (Jessica)
thy loving wife “I shall end this strife, Become a Christian and ___ ______ ____!” (Jessica)
If “__ thou keep promise” (Jessica)
if my fortune be not crost “__ __ _______ __ ___ _____,I have a father, you a daughter, lost” (Jessica)
gild myself “and ____ ______ with some more ducats” (Jessica)
poor Antonio “If law, authority, and power deny not,It will go hard with ____ _______” (Jessica)
made me a Christian “I shall be saved by my husband; he hath ____ __ _ _________” (Jessica)
stealing her soul “In such a night Did young Lorenzo swear he loved her well,________ ___ ____ with many vows of faith,And ne’er a true one” (Jessica)