The Merchant of Venice: Cultural Context

Who was the reigning monarch in England at the time the play was written (1596-1598)? Queen Elizabeth I
BONUS QUESTION:In what year did Queen Elizabeth I die?A) 1599B) 1607C) 1603 C) 1603
Venice was once called The Republic of Venice. True or False True
The Merchant of Venice is based on a play by:A) Christopher WalkenB) Christopher MarloweC) Christopher Robinson B) Christopher Marlowe
The original play on which The Merchant of Venice is based is called The Jew of Madrid? True or False False
Bonus question: What was the name of the play on which Shakespeare based his play?The Jew of _ _ L_ a The Jew of Malta
Female characters were played by women on stage during the Elizabethan era? True or False False
Portia has the largest role in the play in terms of lines spoken. True or False True; Portia has 22% of the lines in the play