The Merchant Of Venice Act 1 Quest.

what is Antonio’s emotional state at the beginning of the play? Antonio is sad and he doesnt know why he is sad
what does solanio think is the reason why Antonio is sad? He says he is too worried about his ship, and later he says that he is in love
What opinion does Bassanio give of Gratiano? He says that he talks too much
What is Bassanios problem? He doesn’t have enough money, he wants to borrow money so he can go to Belmont and see Portia
What is the relationship between Bassanio and Antonio? They are really good friends
What does Antonio offer Bassanio? He offers Bassanio credit
What is Portia’s father’s will? whoever wants to marry Portia
Why did Shylock say no to the dinner invitation? Because of his Jewish beliefs and they are planning on eating pig
What does Bassanio want from Shylock? 3000 ducats for 3 months
Why does Shylock hate Antonio? Because he is a Christian, he doesn’t use interest and he makes fun of him
How is Bassanio related to Antonio? Bassanio is his cousin
Who is Portia’s maidservant? Nerissa
What was Portia’s complain about Falconbridge? He can only speak English
What does Shylock ask for if Antonio can’t pay back the loan? a pound of flesh, to be cut off of Antonio wherever Shylock chooses
What does Portia’s mean when she describes the price of Morocco as ” having the complexion of a devil”? She is saying that he is Black