The merchant of Venice

Act 1 -antonio is sad but sol and sal don’t know why. All the ships in which his money are invested in are at sea, but he claims that’s bot whats worroying him. He has many ships, which makes good buisness sense. His best friends Bassanio, asks Antonio to lend him even more money than he already owes him, to help him win Portia. Antonio has no spare cash but agrees to borrow money to help him.
How much money does Basannio borrow? 3000 ducats
If the money is not repaid within 3 months, what does Antonio owe Shylock instead of interest? A pound of his own flesh
Who is the first prince to try and woo Portia? The prince of Morocco
Lancelot One of Shylocks servants
Why does Lancelot plan to leave Shylock? He wants to work for Bassanio instead
Gratiano A good friend of Bassanio, he marries Nerrisa after falling in love with her at Portia’s palace. Bassanio describes him as talkative, saying; “Gratiano speaks an infinite deal of nothing, more than any man in all Venice” (act 1, scene 1, , lines 114).
Bassanio Young man from Venice that is already in love with Portia and borrows money from Antonio to go and see her.
Gratiano Husband of Nerissa; companion of Antonio and Bassanio
Shylock A rich Jewish money lender
Portia A rich heiress whose fathers lottery will decide a suitor she will marry (Bassanio)
Nerissa Portia’s servant and friend
Why is Antonio sad at the start of the play We never know why Antonio is so sad. Even Antonio doesn’t know why he’s sad. Some say that he is sad because of the connection he has with Shylock, the villain of the play. He hates Shylock for making money by charging large amounts of interest on loans; making money on money without making out doing anything. He hates Shylock, but by that reasoning he should hate himself; so he is sad.
What suggestions do sal and sol offer? Instead of trying to cheer him up, his friends sol and sal volenteer reasons why he might be depressed. They suggest that maybe he’s worried about all the big ventures he’s finances at sea. His ships are out there with goods; if they make it back safely, he’ll be rich-but if they don’t, he’ll be in trouble. They suggest that he is sad because he may be online and that his ships might be in danger.
What does bassanio request of Antonio? Why? Bassanio wants Antonio to lend him money because he wants to go in a journey to Belmont to marry Portia. Bassanio plans to get out of debt by borrowing even more money so he can hook up with a rich heiress Portia, who will pay off all his loans and continue to float his rap -star lifestyle.
Describe the unique nature of the process that will determine Portia’s husband? How was this unusual situation thrust soon her? Portia is angry with her father because he left a system so the man who chooses the right casket gets to marry her. Portia disagrees with this because she can’t chose who she wishes to marry.
Why does Antonio dislike Shylock? Why does Shylock dislike Antonio? Antonio hates Shylock because..1) he is a Jew2) bitter attitude 3) charges large amounts of money for interestShylock hates Antonio because…1) he is a Christian 2) He has bullied and harassed him3) Antonio lends money without charging any interest
Explain the agreement that Shylock and Antonio enter into. Why would Antonio agree to such demands? Shylock is mad because he get as if he shouldn’t give them what they want because they treated him poorly. Antonio’s response to Shylock’s accusation was shocking because he should do it as his job not from personal grudges.
Why is led the right casket? The lead casket symbolizes inner beauty and modesty (opposite of the gold casket). The inscription “who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath”, describes marriage and how it’s a huge gamble or risk and requires sacrifice. The inscription is similar to Bassanio as Antonio is risking all he has to lend his best friend, Bassanio money to impress Portia.
Look through the gold and silver casket inscriptions and determine what each said about the person who chose it. Morocco’s interaction (gold) – Morocco chose the gold casket . By Morocco choosing the casket it showed how he makes straightforward and obvious choices. Gold here symbolizes clear (sensory) beauty and wealth. morocco is more about what is shown on the ousted. When Morocco opens the casket he discovers a skull and a script (opposite of beauty).Prince of Aragon (silver) – he quickly rejects the lead casket as he thinks it’s not beautiful enough for Portia. He then cuts outs the gold casket because “it’s what many men desire” and this may mean he is on the same level as “the barbarous multitudes”. He ends up choosing the silver casket as he believes he deserves Portia. When he opens the casket he finds a “blinking idiot-picture of a fools head”. He chose according to what he felt he deserved.
Determined why the lead casket what the right choice The lead casket symbolizes inner beauty and modesty in which should be important in marriage. The gold casket represented outer beauty, but inner beauty is far more essential than outer beauty in marriage.The caskets suggest that wealth (golds and silver) are of value but in reality they are in little value…besides Shylock; gold is Shylocks obsession (gold is his real gold).