The Merchant of Venice

In the beginning, what reason does Antonio give for being sad? no reason
In the first scene, Salerio believes that Antonio is upset because_______________ he is worried about his ships
Antonio is not worried about losing his fortune at sea because_____________ not all of his wealth is placed on one ship
Solanio tells Antonio that he, too, would be worried about his ships; he then goes on to suggest that Antonio is depressed because he is____________- in love
When Antonio denies being in love, Solanio insists that Antonio is depressed simply because ___________ he is not happy
What mythological creature is Antonio compared to? (or said he needs to become more like) Janus
How are Antonio and Bassanio related? they are cousins
Solanio says that some people will laugh if someone simply peeps through their eyes, and others won’t smile even if ___________ thinks its funny Nestor
Gratiano thinks Antonio cares about ____________ too much, and people who care too much always get hurt the world
Who thinks Antonio cares about worldly affairs too much? Gratiano
If Antonio insists on being sad, then _______ will be the happy one Gratiano
Gratiano believe many men are only considered wise because they don’t ___________; if they did, they would be considered fools speak
Lorenzo must be considered wise because_____________ never lets him speak Gratiano
Antonio compares his life to a _____________ staged play; everyone must play a part and his is a sad one
Bassiano believes that ____________ talks aimlessly and one can never discover his point Gratiano
Bassanio is indebted to Antonio in both ________ and __________- love and money
Bassanio is in debt due to his extravagant lifestyle in his __________, which he has for the most part stopped and now lives more frugally youth
Describe what Bassanio tells Antonio about the arrows he shot as a kid. How does this relate to his plan to clear his debt? If Bassanio lost one arrow, he would shoot another in the same general direction and follow it; he would often recover both. If Antonio gave Bassanio another loan, Bassanio may be able to use the money to pay back this loan and the others in the past
After hearing of Bassanio’s plan to clear his debt, why is Antonio somewhat offended? He is offended that Bassanio would approach the favor so cautiously, as if doubting the love Antonio feels for him
Where does Portia live? Belmont
How does Bassanio describe Portia? rich, fair, wondrous virtue
What reason does Bassanio have to believe that Portia loves him back? Bassanio says that he sometimes saw speechless messages in Portia’s eyes, telling him that she liked him
Portia’s hair is compared to ______________ the golden fleece (many Jasons come in quest of her)
What does money have to do with winning Portia’s heart? Bassanio needs to have enough money to hold his own against the other suitors coming from all four corners of the Earth
Antonio is willing to loan Bassanio money but he can’t because___________________ his money is currently tied up in the cargo ships he has at sea
Because he cannot gather up enough money to furnish Bassanio, Antonio decides they should go to Venice to get a loan in __________ name Antonio’s name
Antonio tells Bassanio to see what the merchant’s credit will do in Venice and who will give Bassanio a loan, whether _________ or ____________, in Antonio’s name business or friendly
As long as Bassanio’s plan is ___________, Antonio will aid him with whatever means necessary honorable
_________ admits that people with too much often suffer as much as those with not enough Nerissa
________ says that if doing good deeds were as easy as knowing how to do them, everyone would be better off Portia
“The brain may devise laws for the blood, but a hot temper leaps o’er a cold decree” Portia
Describe Portia’s late father He was virtuous and very religious; created the lottery (idea of the caskets)
In Nerissa’s opinion, who will choose the right casket? Only the man who will rightly love Portia
What are the 3 caskets made of? gold, silver, and lead
Describe the Neapolitan Prince and why Portia does not like him -stallion himself-talks only about his horse-thinks it is great credit to his character that he can shoe a horse all by himself-his mother must have had an affair with a blacksmith
Neapolitan Prince talks only about his __________ and thinks it is great credit to his character that he can ___________________- horse; shoe a horse all by himself
“If you will not have me, choose.” County Palatine
Describe the County Palatine and why Portia does not like him -frowns all the time-indifferent/arrogant-“If you don’t want me, do as you please”-his sad youth will turn him into a weeping old man
Portia would rather be married to a ____________________ than County Palatine skull with a bone in its mouth
Describe Monsieur Lebon and why Portia despises him -better horse than Neapolitan-frowns more than Palatine-tries to outdo everything around him so much he becomes unrecognizable-he would fence with his own shadow and outsing the birds-she might as well marry 20 husbands-she would never be able to love him
Describe Falconbridge and why Portia dislikes him -baron of England-only speaks English, and therefore, cannot communicate with Portia-odd clothes (jacket from Italy, breeches from France, hat from Germany, clothes from all around)
What 3 languages does Portia speak? Latin, French, and Italian
Describe the Scottish lord and why Portia dislikes him -neighbor of Falconbridge-forgiving; took a punch in the ear by Falconbridge and waited to get his revenge-Monsieur Le Bon hit Falconbridge in Scottish lord’s place
Describe the Duke of Saxony’s nephew and why Portia dislikes him -German-viley in the morning while sobering up and worse in the afternoon when he is drunk-best= little worse than a man-worst= little better than a beast
” when he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little better than a beast” describes who? the Duke of Saxony’s nephew
Portia tells Nerissa to do what in order to ensure that the Duke of Saxony picks the wrong casket if he decides to chose? Portia tells Nerissa to put a deep glass of rhenish wine on the wrong casket to ensure the duke will go for that one
The suitors are beginning to want to give up on Portia and go home, unless _____________________________ there was another way to win Portia besides having to pick the right casket
“Venetian, a scholar and a soldier, that came hither in company of the Marquis of Montferrat” is Nerissa’s description of ______________ Bassanio
Does Portia remember Bassanio? Was he worth of her praise? yes and yes
If the Prince of Morocco is black, then Portia would rather him ____________ than marry her hear her confessions
“I can easier teach twenty what were good to be done, than be one of the twenty to follow mine own teaching.” Portia
How does Portia feel about her father? She is beginning to question whether wisdom is truly portrayed by the old man incapable of action
“God made him, and therefore let him pass for a man.” Monsieur le Bon
What is the name of the servant that tells Portia that the 4 suitors are leaving and a 5th (the Prince of Morocco) is about to arrive? Sirrah
How much does Bassanio ask Shylock for? How long? 3,000 ducats for 3 months
How many ships of Antonio are currently out at sea? 4
Why does Shylock believe that Antonio’s means are in supposition? Antonio currently has 4 ships at sea that may crash and leave him unable to pay back the loan
Why does Shylock still agree to the loan even though Antonio’s means are in supposition? Antonio is wealthy enough
Shylocks wishes to speak with Antonio, so ____________ invites the Jew to dinner. However, Shylock refuses and Antonio ends up coming to see him anyway. Bassanio
Why does Shylock refuse to eat dinner with Bassanio and Antonio? Shylock is Jewish, so he does not eat pork; Jews believe that Jesus conjured the Devil into pigs
“I will buy with you, sell with you, talk with you, walk with you, and so following, but I will not eat with you, drink with you, nor pray with you.” Shylock
What does Shylock mean when he says Antonio is a “fawning publican?” Antonio deprives him of his rightful profits (he doesn’t take interest which harms Shylock’s business), but now assumes an ingratiating demeanor because he is asking a favor
What are the 2 main reasons Shylock hates Antonio? -Antonio is Christian-Antonio loans out money without interest, which lowers interest rates in Venice
What is the main reason Shylock agrees to the loan? To catch Antonio at a disadvantage (catch him once upon the hip) so he can satisfy the ancient grudge he holds against Antonio for talking bad about Shylock’s business habits and despising the Jewish nation
Who is Tubal? a wealthy Hebrew of Shylock’s tribe
Shylock cannot immediately conjure up 3,000, so who does he get the rest from? Tubal
Although he usually never ______________, Antonio is willing to so Bassanio can receive the money he needs charges or pays interest
Summarize the story Shylock tells Bassanio and Antonio about Jacob Jacob and his uncle were agreed that all of the spotted sheep in the next batch of babies would be his. Therefore, Jacob put spotted branches in front of the mating sheep to make all babies born spotted
How does Shylock appeal to logos during his story to sanctify interest? If Jacob made interest (had an advantage) in the Bible, then making a profit is sanctified by God, as long as you do not steal the profit.
Why does Shylock tell Antonio and Bassanio about Genesis 3:25-43? to justify Shylock’s habits of taking interest
How does Antonio respond to Shylock’s story about Jacob? Antonio counters that the outcome was unpredictable and was influenced by the hand of God; Jacob risked his time as a servant on a task he could not control
To what does Antonio compare the ewes and rams of Shylock’s story? the gold and silver of Shylock’s interest
What does Antonio say to himself about Shylock after hearing the Jew’s story? The Devil can cite scripture for his purpose; an evil soul can produce an honest testimony; a good apple can be rotten at the heart
an island in Venice, Italy, that contains the old mercantile quarter of medieval Venice Rialto
What has Antonio done to Shylock that the Jew has had to put up with? How does he use this to justify why he should not accept the loan? Antonio has spoken bad of him about his business and interest, called him a dog, kicked him like a mut, spit upon his Jewish clothes, and spit in his beard.Does a dog have money to loan?
How does Antonio react to Shylock’s description of all the merchant has done to hurt him? Antonio says he will only do them again. Instead, Shylock should loan him the money as an enemy rather than as a friend; an enemy of which will have to pay the price if the loan is broken
When Shylock proposes that the punishment for not paying back the loan on time will be a pound of Antonio’s flesh, he thinks he is __________________ making a funny joke
Does Bassanio want Antonio to agree to the terms of the deal? no
How does Antonio justify his agreeing to the terms of the deal? Antonio will never have to pay the price because he expects three times the value of the loan to return to him in two months
Shylock agrees to be kind and not charge Antonio interest, but decides to add the clause about Antonio’s flesh onto the deal as a ________ joke
Shylock believes that the meanness of Christians leads them to ________ others suspect
Because Shylock agreed not to charge them interest, Antonio believes that the Jew will soon become a ___________________ Christian
Bassanio does not like Shylock and is uneasy when a villain is ____________ kind
“I will do anything, ere I be married to a sponge.” Portia talking about the Duke of Saxony’s nephew