Merchant Of Venice Webcast Review

“For Jews, Venice is also a place with a dark history.” Why? It is where the world’s first ghetto was instituted.
Define “ghetto.” Where did this word originate? The word “ghetto” is from the Italian ghetto meaning “casting”
How do we use the word today? What connotations do we attach to it? We use it to describe a poorer area or neighborhood.
Provide at least 3 examples of anti-Jewish laws in early Venice. When they left the ghetto, they had to wear clothing that distinguished them from the other people, such as a yellow scarf or circle. Jewish people not allowed to own land or build a synagogue.
What did the doges decide in 1516? That the jewish people could remain in venice.
What “further restrictions” were placed on Jews in the ghetto? They were only allowed to leave during the day and not at night. They could only work in pawn shops, act as money lenders, work the Hebrew printing press, trade in textiles or practice medicine.
What restrictions were placed on Jews when they left the ghetto? They had to wear a yellow circle and scarf, faced higher taxes, hebrew books were not allowed to be printed.
When were Jews expelled from England? 1066
When were Jews allowed to return to England? 1290
Why were Jews expelled from England ? Because money lending was illegal.
Where did most Jews go at that point? Continental Europe