Merchant Of Venice Vocab 1

Usury Practice of lending money with interest
Usury Sentence The practice of usury was how the Jewish population made money in Venice
Masque A celebration or ball were people are using masks
Masque Sentence The performers of the masque had a hidden identity
Exhort To try to influence someone by words of advice
Exhort Sentence I exhorted my mother to let me go to the party
Abate To lose strength
Abate Sentence We wanted to leave but waited for the storm to abate
Alabaster A type of rock used to make vase, skin color, and decorations
Alabaster Sentence The white vase was made out of alabaster
Allay To make someone less sever or strong
Allay Sentence My dads call from China allayed our worries of his travels
Carrion The flesh of dead animals
Carrion Sentence The dog ate the carrion off the street
Chaff shells of seeds
Chaff Sentence This test will separate the weak from the chaff
Commodity something that is bought or sold
Commodity Sentence The merchant went to sea to oversee his commodities
Edifice A large or massive structure
Edifice Sentence The storm knocked the edifice down
Burgher A person who lives in a particular town
Burgher Sentence He was welcome by a group of wealthy burghers and didn’t want to talk to them
Jaundice a state or attitude characterized by hostility or bitterness
Jaundice Sentence Janice has a jaundiced view on politics
Livery a special uniform worn by servants especially in the past
Livery Sentence The servant’s livery had to be clean on the job
Nuptial Of or relating to marriage
Nuptial Sentence Janice received a beautiful nuptial present
Prodigal wasteful or recklessly extravagant
Prodigal Sentence The annual feast was prodigal in its large manner
Shrive to hear a confession of a person
Shrive Sentence I shrived the remorseful lady
Strumpet A prostitute
Strumpet Sentence The man had an affair with a strumpet
Shrew A woman of violent temper and speech
Shrew Sentence The shrew went on a long rampage
Cuckold The husband of an unfaithful wife
Cuckold Sentence As the goodie spread, people began to feel sorry for the cuckold man
Paltry Ridiculously or insultingly small, utterly worthless
Paltry Sentence I only have a paltry around of change