Merchant of Venice summary of plot

Act 1 Scene 1 Summary Antonio sadness introduced and suggested might be due to work ( worry about his ships) or love, said that he might be trying to use sadness to appear wise, Bassanio tells of love for Portia but needs money to woo her. Although he already owes Antonio money Antonio say he will guarantee a loan as he hasn’t got the funds to loan more at the moment until his ships arrive.
Act 1 Scene 2 Summary : Portia and Nerissa are discussing Portias marriage options, and the suitors that she has seen. Portia is a little fed up that her father has made it difficult for her to make her own choices and that the task he set in his will is not easy. They discuss Bassanio as the favourite suitor. The Prince of Morocco then arrives
Act 1 Scene 3 Summary – Shylock agrees to lend Bassanio the money for 3 months, with Antonio a guarantor, Shylock tells of his dislike of Antonio because of Antonio publicly condemning him for usury in the past. After discussing Usury Shylock calculates the interest then decides to give an interest free loan, joking that the failure to repay it will require a pound of Antonio’s flesh. Bassanio is now concerned and doesn’t want Antonio to accept the deal but Antonio reassures it will be fine as his ships will come in time and they will more than cover the loan.
Act 2 Scene 1
Act 2 Scene 2 Lancelot Gobbo -Shylocks servant -is deciding if he should leave Shylock, the reasons seem to be because he is a Jew. He has just decided to leave when his father arrives who is blind and Lancelot plays a trick on him but then reveals himself – he tells his father of his plans and hopes to serve Bassanio. Bassanio arrives and the two plead with Bassanio to take Lancelot – it is agreed. Gratanio then arrives and he and Bassanio decide to go to Belmont.
Act 2 Scene 3 Summary – Jessica is sad Lancelot is leaving and she herself is planning to leave her father as she is ashamed of him. She is going to run away and marry Lorenzo and convert to Christianity. She asks Lancelot to take a letter to Lorenzo.
Act 2 Scene 4 SSummary Lorenzo and friends are planning how they can help Jessica escape disguised as a torch bearer, Lancelot arrives with Jessica’s letter and is then instructed to go back and tell Jessica of the plan,
Act 2 Scene 5
Act 2 Scene 6
Act 2 Scene 7 The prince of Morocco fails to make the right choice of casket – he chooses gold – and Portia is relieved
Act 2 Scene 8
Act 2 Scene 9 Another suitor (Prince of Arragon) tries his luck at the caskets but again fails -the arrival of a new Venetian suitor is then announced (Portia and Nerissa hope it is Bassanio)
Act 3 Scene 1
Act 3 Scene 2 Bassanio makes the right choice of the lead casket so gets to marry Portia, she gives him a ring that he must never take off , Nerissa and Gratiano also tell that they are to get married then Jessica and Lorenzo arrive with Sal and Sol and give Bassanio a letter informing him of Antonio’s plight having lost his ships, Jessica is worried her father will get his bond just to get revenge and Portia offers a solution that she will pay .and urges Bassanio to go and help Antonio
Act 3 Scene 3 Summary Antonio is taken to prison escorted by Shylock who is determined to get his pound of flesh and Antonio realises that he means it – wanting revenge for all the times Antonio has helped out people who owed money to Shylock. He fears that the Duke ( Judge) will have to uphold the law
Act 3 Scene 4 Summary – Lorenzo is telling Portia that Antonio is worthy of her help and Portia says that as he is such a good friend of her husband then it is the same as helping Bassanio. She and Nerissa decide to leave for Venice – but will do so in disguise – to visit their husbands She will tell Nerissa that paln on the way
Act 3 Scene 5
Act 4 Scene 1 (part 1) Court convenes, shylock summoned, Bassanio arrives, Nerissa arrives
Act 4 Scene 1 (part 2) Disguised portia arrives, attept to get Shylock to show mercy – then turns law round when Shylock is about to cut Antonio – Shylock forced to drop the case
Act 4 Scene 2 Loss of the rings
Act 5 Scene 1 Love scene between Jessica and Lorenzo – then Portia arrives – and then Bassanio – loss of rings discovered – then the big reveal