Merchant of Venice Questions

What emotion is Antonio feeling in the first scene? Sadness
Who offers to play the fool to cheer Antonio up? Gratiano
Who is described as having reasons as “two grains of wheat hid in two busshles of Chaff”? Gratiano
How does Bassanio plan to clear his debts? By marrying the heiress Portia.
Where is Antonio’s money in the beginning of the play? “Out at sea”
What animal does Portia say the Neopolitan Prince is obsessed with? His horse
What doesn’t Portia like about County Palatine? He never smiles or laughs
What doesn’t Portia like about Mosieur Le Bon? He was always showing off
Why is Portia unable to offer an opinion about the English Barron Falconbridge? They don’t speak the same language
What languages does Portia speak? Italian, French, and Latin
Where does Portia jokingly say Falconbridge got his jacket, tights, and hat respectively? Jacket in Italy, Tights in France, Hat in Germany
What does Portia say about the Scottish Lord? He is very forgiving
What doesn’t Portia like about the German Duke of Saxony’s nephew? He is a drunk
Who is the one suitor Portia doesn’t criticize? Bassiano
What is the amount and time limit on Shylock’s loan to Bassiano 3000 Ducats for 3 months
Where are Antonio’s ships bound for? Tripole, the Indies, Mexico, England
Why does Shylock turn down Bassanio’s dinner invitation He won’t be near pork
What is the main reason that Shylock initially hates Antonio? Antonio lends money without interest
How does Shylock defend taking interest for loans? Using a bible story about Jacob raising lambs for his Uncle
What is the interest rate on Bassanio’s loan Nothing
What does the Prince of Morocco’s ask Portia not to hold against him? His dark skin color
What must Portia’s suitors pledge to do before they try the casket game? Never marry if they are to loose the challenge
Whose service is Lancelot trying to escape from? Shylock’s
What is Lancelot’s last name? Gobbo
When tricking to his father, what does Lancelot pretend his title is? Master
What is the name of Old Gobbo’s horse? Dobbin
Who becomes Lancelot’s new master Bassiano
What does Jessica give Lancelot as he leaves their family’s service? A letter for Lorenzo
What does Jessica wear as a disguise? A page’s uniform
Why does Shylock feel that ill things are brewing? He dreams of money bags
According to Salarino, how much faster do “Venus’ pidgeons” fly (how much faster does time mover for young lovers)? 10 times
What kind of party does Shylock attend, during which, Jessica escapes? A masquerade
What do each of the caskets say? Gold-get what many men want, Silver-get what you deserve, Lead-risk all you have
What is inside the correct casket? Portia’s picture
Which casket does the King of Morocco chose? Gold
Why does the King of Morocco choose the gold casket? “All men want Portia”
What is inside the golden casket? A skull with a scroll in the eyesocket
What bird does the Prince of Arragon liken those who would choose the gold casket to? The Marlin (Martlet)
Which casket does the Prince of Arragon choose? Silver
What is inside the silver casket? A picture of a “blinking idiot” (a fool)
What does Salarino do when Shylock accuses him of being a part of the plot of his daughter running away? He doesn’t deny it
How many ducats does Shylock accuse Antonio of costing him? Half a million
How much did one of the diamonds coast Shylock in Frankfurt? 2000 ducats
What is Shylock’s reaction to hearing that another one of Antonio’s ships wrecked (this one from Tripolis) He was happy.
How much did Jessica spend in Genoa in one night? 80 Ducats
What did Jessica trade a turquoise ring for? A monkey
How long does Portia ask Bassiano to stay in her palace. “A month or two”
Which casket does Bassiano choose? Lead
Why does Bassiano choose the lead casket? Because he feels it is humble
What does Portia say will happen if Bassiano looses the ring? Their marriage will be doomed.
What ancient hero does Gratiano compare himself and Bassiano to? Jason
Who has tried to persuade Shylock not to follow up on his deal with Antonio? 20 Merchants, the Duke of Venice, and the highest ranking nobles
How much does Portia say she’d be willing to pay to save Antonio 12,000 Ducats
Why does Antonio believe that Shylock hates him? He paid the debts of others who borrowed from Shylock
Who does Portia place in charge of her estate until Bassiano returns? Lorenzo
Where does Portia claim she and Nerissa will spend their time waiting for the return of their husbands? A monastery 2 miles away
Who does Jessica ask Balthazar to give a letter to? Her cousin Bellario
What is Bellario’s proffesion He is a lawyer
How far does Portia want to travel that day in order to catch up with Bassanio in Venice? 20 miles
What does Lancelot tell Jessica her one hope of not going to Hell is? If Shylock isn’t her true father
What does everyone at the trial think Shylock is doing? Faking cruelty
Why does Shylock say he is refusing the 3000 ducats? He feels like it.
According to Bassanio, what doesn’t every offence start as? Hate
How much does Bassiano offer Shylock 6000 ducats
Shylock says he won’t accept money, even how many times more than Bassanio’s offer? Six times (36000 Ducats)
The Duke has the power to dismiss the court on that day, provided who doesn’t arrive? Bellario
Where does Ballario send a letter from? Padua
What is Nerissa disguised as? A lawyer’s clerk
No metal could be half as sharp as Shylock’s what? Hatred (envy?)
According to Gratiano, what was Shylock’s soul in a past life? A wolf
According to Gratiano, what did Shylock do in his previous life? Slaughter humans
Bellario’s letter introduces informs the group of the arrival of who? Portia disguised as a lawyer
What name does Portia go by as a lawyer? Balthazar
According to Portia, mercy is a what? Double blessing
Why can’t the duke act above the law to save Antonio It will set a bad precedent
Who biblical character does Shylock compare Portia/Balthazar to after she says that the Duke can not act in this case? Daniel
What weapon does Shylock plan to remove his pound of flesh with A knife
Who does Shylock refuse to have on hand to try and save Antonio after his flesh has been removed? A Surgeon
Where does Gratiano wish Nerissa was? In heaven
What biblical character’s decedents would Shylock have rathered Jessica marry than Lorenzo? Barabbas
What substance can Shylock not remove from Antonio’s body along with the flesh Blood
Under Venetian Law, what will happen if one drop of Antonio’s blood is shed Shylock’s property and land will be seized by the state
After seeing the impossibility of cutting Antonio without shedding his blood, what does Shylock offer? To accept the 9000 ducat deal
Why can’t Shylock accept the money? He publicly turned it down
What does Portia classify Shylock as in order to get him arrested for conspiring to kill a Venetian citizen? An alien
What does the Duke do to Shylock after he is accused of trying to kill Antonio? Pardons him
What are Antonio’s demands that Shylock must meet Shylock must convert to Christianity, and leave his property to Lorenzo and Jessica
For Portia/Balthazar, what was the pay for her services? A job well done
What token does Portia ask of Antonio? His gloves
What token does Portia ask of Bassanio The ring she gave him
Where do Antonio and Bassiano go the morning after the trial? Belmont
How much sooner will Nerissa and Portia return to Belmont than their husbands? 1 day
Who mounted the Trojan Wall Troilus
Who saw the lion’s shadow? Thisbe
Who begged her lover to return to Carthage Dido
Who gathered magic herbs to rejuvenate Aeson? Medea
Who is returning to Belmont with Portia Her maid (Nerissa) and a holy Hermit
Who does Lorenzo tell Stefano to bring outside to greet their master? Musicians
Where does Portia see a light burning? Her Hall
Why does Portia think the nightengale sounds so beautiful It sings in the quite of the night
How does Lorenzo recognise Portia upon her return By her voice
What does Bassiano muse that he should have done in order to be able to convince his wife he lost the ring defending it? Cut off his left hand
How many of Antonio’s ships returned to port at the end of the play 3