Merchant of Venice People

Antonio Christian; successful merchant; best friends with Bassanio; Borrows money from Shylock to lend to Bassanio. In doing this, he puts his life in Shylock’s hands for Bassanio. Unlike the other main characters, he ends the play alone
Bassanio Christian. Best friend to Antonio. Borrows money from Antonio to court the wealthy Portia and get her money once they’re married. He goes to court Portia and correctly chooses the basket that will win her hand
Gratiano Christian. Friend to Antonio and Bassanio. While Bassanio is courting Portia, he falls in love with Nerissa
Lorenzo Christian. Friend of Antonio and Bassanio. Falls in love with Jessica. He “turns” her Christian. They elope in Belmont (where Portia lives)
Portia Christian. Wealthy and intelligent woman who lives in Belmont. Father died and left her hand in marriage up to fate. If suitor picks the right casket, she marries him. The three caskets are made up of gold, silver, and lead. The correct one is lead, which Bassanio immediately chooses and wins her hand in marriage. Saves Antonio’s life by dressing up as a clerk and mediating the trial between Shylock and Antonio
Nerissa Christian. Portia’s lady-in-waiting. Marries Gratiano. Accompanies portia on the trip to Venice for the trial and dresses up as a clerk as well
Shylock Jewish. Successful lender. Lends Antonio money and if he doesn’t pay it back in the right amount of time, he gets a pound of Antonio’s flesh. Wants revenge against Christians (specifically Antonio) for all of ruthless mistreatment. Wants to use his power as the lender over Christians
Jessica Jewish. Shylock’s daughter. Jewish because her mother was Jewish. Hates living with her father and the prejudice that comes with it. Runs away with Lorenzo and marries him. In doing so she is “Christianized”
Giobbe Christian. Clown character. Hates being Shylock’s servant. Leaves him to become Bassanio’s servant (another slap in the face to Shylock)