~Merchant of Venice Character Traits~

Suitor to Portia. Chooses the silver casket. Prince of Arragon
Portia’s servant, whom she dispatches to get the appropriate materials from Doctor Bellario Balthazar
In love with Jessica Lorenzo
A wealthy Paduan lawyer and Portia’s cousin. He gives Portia’s servant the letters of introduction needed for Portia to make her appearance in court. Doctor Bellario
Presiding Officer at trail. Duke of Venice
He wanted to win the contest to marry Portia, but left before it began. Duke of Saxony
Marries Gratiano Nerissa
He wrote the Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare
In love with Portia. He takes out a loan from Shylock, to which Antonio is bound. Bassanio
A Venetian gentleman and messenger. Salerio returns with Bassanio and Gratiano for Antonio’s trial. Salerio
Hires Launcelot , after he quits his job with Shylock Bassanio
Servant to Portia Stephano
Daughter of Shylock Jessica
In Love with Nerissa Gratiano
Portia’s lady in waiting Nerissa
Servant to Bassanio Leonardo
A Venetian gentleman, and friend to Antonio, Bassanio, and Lorenzo. He is often almost indistinguishable from his companion Solanio. Salarino
The Merchant of Venice Antonio
Rich Jew. Father to Jessica. Money usurer. He hates the Christians. Shylock
Works for Shlock and later goes to work for Bassanio. Launcelot
A wealthy Jew in Venice and one of Shylock’s friends. Tubal
Rich heiress. Her father died, and must follow his will to find a suitor. Portia
Father of Launcelot Gobbo
Dark skinned suitor of Portia. He chooses the gold casket. Prince of Morocco
Friend to Antonio and Bassanio Salanio