Merchant of Venice Acts 4 and 5

What does everyone expect Shylock to do about the bond? to forgive the debt and show mercy
What does Shylock keep saying about the bond? That he will be paid his bond.
What does Shylock say about wanting the bond so badly? He says that he doesn’t actually have to answer why he’d rather have a pound of Antonio’s flesh than the 3000 ducats because all men have their preferences.
What does Shylock say is reason enough to have his part of the bond? Shylock says he will not be swayed as those men are All he can offer is that he loathes the man, and that this should be reason enough to want what Shylock is rightfully owed in the first place.
What does Bassanio say about Shylock? What is his question? What does Shylock say in response to that? What does Antonio cut in to say? Bassanio says Shylock is being cruel. Do all men kill what they hate? Shylock retorts that a man would only be driven o kill something because he hated it. Antonio cuts off the arguing saying fighting with Shylock is as useful as asking the wolf why it ate the lamb and made the mommy sheep cry.
What does Antonio say about a Jewish heart? What can it do? Nothing is harder than a Jewish heart, which can soften and be for the conclusions of the trial.
Who makes a comparison to slaves and slave owners? What does he say about it? The Duke: The slaves are ours. “Just like them, Shylock has bought and paid for Antonio’s pound of flesh — Antonio even agreed to it.
What does the Duke say in response to Shylock’s arguments? “Maybe we should all go home now, unless Doctor Bellario, who is the real guy that can settle this, shows up”
A messenger has arrives with news from who from where? From Bellario at Padua
As Bassanio and Antonio have their own pity party, what does Bassanio tell Antonio? What theme can be seen in this situation? Bassanio promises he’d sooner give up his blood and bones than have Antonio lose a drop of blood on his behalf. The theme of greed vs. generosity
What does Gratiano call Shylock?What theme does this show? Gratiano calls Shylock the soul of a murderous wolf reincarnated. human vs. animal theme
Who reads the letter from Dr. Bellario? What is said in this letter? The Duke reads the letter. The letter says Dr. Bellario is sick but is sending a young man name Balthazar.
Who is Balthazar? portia
What does Portia say about legal justics? Who is Shylock looking for mercy from? If legal justice, or justice as the court would provide, was all that mankind followed, everyone would go to hell, because mercy is necessary for salvation. Shylock isn’t looking for mercy from a Christia God, only justice from the law.
Who concludes “The Jew must be merciful.” Portia as Balthazar
When Portia asks if Antoniocan pa of the debt, what does Bassanio immediatley say? Bassanio offers to paay twice what’s owed claiming that Shylock has other motives if he does not accept.
What does Bassanio ask the Duke to do? How does Portia respond? Bassanio asks the Duke to take the law into his own hands and Portia (as Balthazar) says he can’t
What does Portia say about Shylock getting what he is owed? Shylock should get what hhe is owed but pleas with him to take three times the agreed amount in exchange for his life.
What does Shylock complement Portia (Balthazar) on? What does portia repsond with? her knowledge but will not be swayed be any man and she then tells Antonio to prepare for Shylocks knife.
What does Shylock have to weigh the flesh? Where is he going to take the flesh from? What does Portia ask Shylock if he has in case Antonio bleeds to death? How does Shylock repsond? Shyloc has scaled ready. He is going to take the flesh from Antonio’s heart. portia asks Shylock if he has a surgeon ready nearby, but Shylock says it was not part of the deal.
When the men say good bye, what does Atonio tell Bassanio too tell Portia? What do Bassanio and Gratiano say they would do to get Antonio out of this mess? What does Shylock comment? Why is this bad? Antonio tells Bassanio to tell Portia that he loved him. Antonio has no regrets. Bassanio & Gratiano make comments about offering up their wives. Shylock comments on Christian households. Balthazar and his frind are Portia & Nerissa.
What are the stipulations oof the bond as Portia say it? The law gives up a pound oof Antoio’s flesh, and the aw allows Shylock to cut it from Antonio’s breast.
What does Portia realize the bond never said? What is the problem with this? The bond never said Shylok could spill blood. He can only take a pound of flesh if he doesn’t spill blood or the law can take his goods and land. Since he is bent on following the law, Portia makes sure he is going to follow it.
When Shylock finds out that the state can take his property if he spills one drop of Antonio’s blood, what does Shylock ask for? What does Portia say in response? Shylock tries to take three times the amount offered but Portia says no. He can only have EXACTLY one pound oof flesh without spilling ANY blood. Or they take his possessions.
What does the second law of Venice Portia brings up say? What does this mean in Shylock and Antonio’s case? If a foreign national has sought the life of a Venetian, either directly or indirectly, then the would-be victim gets haf of his stuff, and the other half will go to the state, while the fate of the would-be murderer is iin the hands of the Duke. Things being as they are, it’s clear that Shylock sought the life of Antonio, a Venetian, and the state and Antonio can confiscate his stuff.
What does the Duke say about the second law portia brings up? The Duke decalres that half of Shylock’s possesions now belong to Antonio, and the state will be merciful and only charge Shylock a fine instead of taking the other half of his wealth.
What does Portia ask Antonio to show Shylock? What does Antonio decide? What are the 2 other coonditions Antonio has for Shylock? Portia asks Antonio to show mercy to Shylock. Antonio decides his half will be source of income. (1) Shylock needs to convert to Christianity and (2) He needs to put in the court record that when he dies, Jessica and Lorenzo will inherit everything he leaves behind.
After Portia frees Antonio, what does he offer her? What does she take instead? What does she ask of Bassanio? Does he give itt to her? Bassanio offers Portia 3000 ducats. Portia says she’ll take Antonio’s gloves. She asks Bassanio for his ring and he says no because it was a gift from his wife and if he gave it away it would break faith with her.
Does Bassanio give Portia the ring? Noot until Antonio sys she deserves it.
How is Bassanio a promise breaker? He stays for the night after the trial when he told Portia he’ll comme home right after it’s settled.
In 4.2, Portia tells Nerissa to take the deed to Shylock’s house and have it signed. What does this make? What will they have to do after? This will make Shylock agree to his consequences.. They will have to get back to Belmont before their husbands.
Who gives Portia the ring from Bassanio? What does Portia ask him to do? Gratiano- Portia asks him to show Nerissa to Shylock’s house.
What does Nerissaa try to trick Gratiano into doing? Nerissa asks Gratiano for his ring.
Who is back in Belmont while Nerissa and Portia and Bassanio and Antonio and Gratiano are still in Venice? Lorenzo and Jessica
Who enters with a letter to say Bassanio will return the next morning? Lancelot
When Portia and Nerissa arrive home, what do they ask of from Lorenz and Jessica? to keep quiet about them being gone
When the men return, what does Portia do? She greets them and says she is “bound” to Antonio.
When Nerissa and Portia find out about the rings, what happens? They pretend to be furious and say they will give everything to the men that own thhe rings.
When Portia hands oover the ring to Antonio, what do her and Nerissa say about how they got it back? What does Portia do before Antonio could get angry? They had spent the night with the judge and clerk in order to get the ringd back. She hands Antonio the letter from Doctor Bellario exlaining the whole situation. Lorenzo admits they have just returned.
What does the second letter Portia give Antonio say? Three of his ships came into Venice filled with riches.
What does the letter Nerissa hand Jessica contain? It contains the deed to her father’s estate upon his death.
At the very end of the play what does Gratiano say about the doctor’s clerk? Gratiano jokes that he himself cannot wait to sleep with the doctor’s clerk.
Who is the speaker of the following words: “While I live, I’ll fear no other thing / So sore, as keeping safe Nerissa’s ring.” Gratiano
Who shows mercy in the play? How? The Duke because he tells Shylock to keep the other half of the belongings and he spares Shylock’s life.
Who is the speaker of the following words? What does it mean? “For I never knew so young a body with so old a head” the clerk- I never such a wise, young man.
Who is the speaker of the following:”Then must the Jew be merciful” Portia as Balthazar
Who is the speaker of the following piece? “Yes, here I tender it for him in the court; Yea, twice the sum: if that will not suffice, I will e bound to pay it ten ties o’er, On forfeit of my hands, my head, my heart: It this will not suffice, it must appear That malice bears down truth. And I beseech you, Wrest once the law to your authroirty: To do a great right, do a little wrong, And urb this crue devil of his wil.” Bassanio