Merchant of Venice Act V

What news do the messenger and Launcelot bring? That his mistress is still at the monastery praying with her maid. He says his master will be there in the morning
What do Portia and Nerissa hear, upon their return home? Music
What order does Portia have Nerissa give the servants? Not to mention that they were gone.
Why do Nerissa and Gratiano start quarreling? about the ring
How do Gratiano and Bassanio explain the loss of their rings? He gave it to the judge’s clerk because he wanted it as a fee and that they had gone through so much trouble to help Antonio, they couldn’t say no
How do the two men get their rings back? Portia and Nerissa give them to them
What additional good news does Portia have for Antonio? That all his ships have landed safely with all of the riches on them
What is the :manna” that Portia gives to Lorenzo and Jessica? That when Shylock dies that will inherit everything he owns
What does Lorenzo think of people who don’t like music? They deserve cruelties
What does Portia believe makes the music she and Nerissa hear more beautiful? the night
Why does Nerissa chastise her husband, Gratiano, who has given away her ring? for breaking his promise
What does Antonio offer as bond against any future infidelity by Gratiano or Bassanio? his soul
What fortuitous event happens to Antonio at the end of the play? His ships come in