Merchant of Venice Act IV

What is the Duke’s opinion of Shylock? That he is a terrible person who is incapable of mercy or pity
What does the Duke mean when he tells Shylock, “We all expect a gentle answer?” They expect a nice answer from him
What offer does Shylock turn down? To show Antonio mercy, to not take the pound of flesh and to forgive some of the money owed
Why does Shylock mention pigs, cats, and bagpipes? He uses them as examples to say that there’s no sense trying to figure out what people like and don;t like
Who are Nerissa and Portia pretending to be? A lawyer’s clerk and a lawyer
Who calls Shylock a “harsh jew” and an “inexecrable dog?” Gratiano
Why does Portia talk about mercy? She tells Shylock that he should show mercy. That only strong people show mercy, like kings and gods. She is trying to appeal to his ego
Why doesn’t Shylock have a doctor standing by? Because it wasn’t in the contract and he is not merciful
Does Antonio seem prepared to die or is he putting up a fight? He is prepared to die
What do both Bassanio and Gratiano say they would give up to save Antonio? Their wives
How does Portia save Antonio? She tells Shylock the court awards a pound of flesh but there can be no blood. He can also only take exactly a pound of flesh. If there is any blood shed or it is not exactly a pound, then all of Shylock’s goods and land will go to Venice
What does Shylock lose as a result of the ruling? The money he loaned Antonio and all of his goods. One half goes to Antonio and the other half to the state
How does the Duke show some mercy to Shylock? He says if he acts humble, he will reduce the penalty to a fine
What two requirements does Antonio add to Shylock’s punishment? He gives one half of his property to Antonio to put in a trust for the man who has his daughter and when he dies they get all of it. He must also become a Christian
What payment does Portia (in disguise) request? Antonio’s gloves and Bassanio’s ring
What is the deed Portia tells Nerissa to have Shylock sign? The agreement they made in court
How does Gratiano lose his ring? He gives it to Nerissa (disguised) for all they did for Antonio
How does Antonio plan to respond to Shylock’s insistence to collect his pound of flesh? With quietness of spirit
What explanation does Shylock give for continuing to pusue his bond? He hates Antonio
What does Bassanio offer Shylock to persuade him to forfeit his bond? Six thousand ducats
What does Shylock do in anticipation of the judgement? Whets his knife
What is the name given to the person who comes to judge Antonio’s trial? Balthasar
When she is disguised as Balthasar, what argument does Portia make for Shylock showing mercy? Mercy is a blessing
What does Bassanio beg the court to do for Antonio’s sake? Bend the rules
Portia says that Shylock can take a pound of flesh from Antonio but he must not______ spill any blood
What will the state seize if Shylock spills a drop of blood while extracting the pound of flesh? His entire estate
Antonio offers to return half of Shylock’s estate on the condition Shylock _____ Converts to Christianity
What does Bassanio do when faced with Portia, still in her disguise as Balthasar? Offers her money
What tokens does Portia ask from Antonio and Balthasar? gloves and a ring
Antonio tells Bassanio to give Balthasar the ring, reasoning that Antonio’s love and Balthasar’s worth are more valuable than _______ His wife’s orders
Who gives Bassanio’s ring to Portia? Gratiano
What does Nerissa, still in disguise, promise Portia that she will get from Gratiano? his ring