Merchant of venice – act III quiz

Who is discussing the fate of Antonio’s ships? Salerio & Salanio
What does shylock accuse salerio of in scene 1? Knowing jessica was leaving
What does shylock say a man’s flesh is good for? Baiting fish
Why does shylock want to “execute” the bond? To feed his revenge
Who brings shylock news from Genoa about Jessica? Tubal
What is the news about Jessica she is spending his money
Who is Leah? Shylock’s wife
What does Portia ask of Bassanio in scene 2? To wait a few days before he chooses a casket
What ancient hero does Portia compare Bassanio to? Hercules
Who/what is Bassanio referring to; “Thou pale and common drudge/’tween man and man” The lead casket
What does Portia give Bassanio that he must swear never to part with? A ring
What surprise news does Gratiano give Bassanio? Antonio is dead
Who arrives at Belmont late to the party, but with news? Shylock
How much money does Portia tell Bassanio to pay to “deface the bond”? 36,000 ducats
In act 3, scene 3, how does Shylock respond to Antonio? He refuses to let Antonio speak
How does Antonio respond to Shylock in this scene? He accepts that the law is the law
In act 3, scene 4, to whom does Portia leave in charge of her house while she is gone? Lorenzo
WHere does Portia tell everyone that she is going? To a monastery
Where is she really going? To see her cousin in Padua
What is Portia’s response to NErissa when she asks of Bassanio and Gratiano “shall they see us?” Yes, but we’ll be dressed like men
At the beginning act 3, scene 5, who tells Jessica that he thinks that, even though she marries a Christian, she’ll be damned? Launcelot
What changes about Lorenzo and Jessica’s language once Launcelot exits the stage? they speak in blank verse