Merchant of Venice Act 5 Study Guide

Identify the four pairs of lovers alluded to at the beginning of the act? Thisbe and Pyramus, Mevea and Jason, Dido and Aeneas, Troilus and Cressida
What’s common to the ending of each of these relationships? Death
What’s the name of Portia’s messenger who arrives in Belmont to advise Lorenzo and Jessica of Portia’s imminent arrival? Stephano
In Scene 1, Lorenzo sings the praises of music. Paraphrase his feelings regarding the value of music. That music is the best feeling of sensation that there is.
Who was the poet/musician of whom it was said that rocks and trees would uproot themselves and follow him when he played his lute? Orpheus
What does Lorenzo say about any man who “Hath no music within himself” Let no such man be trusted; mark the music
How do Lorenzo’s feelings regarding music compare with Shylock’s as it was expressed in Act 2, scene 5, II. 29-37, When Shylock ordered Jessica to “Lock up the door when you hear the drum and the vile squealing of the wry necked fife… Let not the sound of foppery enter my sober house.” Lorenzo thinks that music can change people in a good way, and Shylock thinks that music can change people in a bad way.
Who is the shepherd, beloved of Diana, who is alluded to in Act 5, scene 1? Amyntas
True or False. Bassanio and Gratiano have beaten Portia and Nerissa home to Belmont. False
What does Portia make Lorenzo and Jessica and the servants promise not to tell? That they were in Venice
Explain in your own words Portia’s observation to Bassanio that “A light wife doth make a heavy husband” If a wife is not serious in a relationship the husband might worry that she is cheating on him
who has accompanied Bassanio and Gratiano back to Belmont? Antonio
Explain the dramatic irony of Portia’s question to Bassanio: “What ring gave you, my lord? Not that, I hope, which you received of me.” That Portia already knows who he gave the ring to and has it with her.
What does Portia facetiously swear she will never do until she sees her ring again on his finger? It’s a sentiment Nerissa also shares with Gratiano. Have sex with him
What does Portia accuse Bassanio of doing with the ring? Giving it to another woman
What does Bassanio metaphorically refer to as “These blessed candles of night”? Stars
What does Portia threaten, again facetiously, to do with the Doctor to whom Bassanio claims have given the ring? Nerissa threatens to do the same with the clerk to whom Gatiano has given his ring Have sex with them
What’s the name of the hundred-eyed giant alluded to in this scene? Arsus
What’s good news for Antonio arrives in a letter in Portia’s possession? That three of his ships came back