Merchant of Venice Act 3

Characters/ Setting:Scene 1 Solanio, Salerio, Shylock, Tubal; A street in Venice
Plot: Scene 1 Salerio tells Solanio that there is a rumor that Antonio’s ship carrying expensive cargo has sunk on Goodwin sands, Shylock enters and after being made fun of, gives a speech on the inhumanity of Christians to Jews. Tubal tells Shylock that he kind find his daughter and that she ran off with his money and traded his ring for a monkey, which makes Shylock feel terrible.
Characters/ Setting: Scene 2 Bassanio, Portia, Gratiano, Nerissa, Trains, Lorenzo, Jessica, Salerio; Portia’s house
Plot: Scene 2 Portia likes Bassanio and he chooses the right casket, she gives him a ring, Gratiano announces his plan to marry Nerissa, Bassanio relieves a letter informing him that Antonio hasn’t come up with the money, he is saddened and wants to help.
Characters/ Setting: Scene 3 Shylock, Solanio, Antonio, Jailer; A street in Venice
Plot: Scene 3 Shylock is ready to take Antonio to court, Solanio says that there is no way that the court will allow Shylock to take his flesh, Antonio says that they will because it’s a legal document
Characters/ Setting: Scene 4 Portia, Nerissa, Lorenzo, Jessica, Balthasar; Portia’s house
Plot: Scene 4 Portia asks Jessica and Lorenzo to watch her house then asks Balthasar to deliver a letter to Doctor Bellario in Padua asking him for legal documents and judge clothes. Portia says she would be better at being a guy than Nerissa
Characters/ Setting: Scene 5 Launcelot, Jessica, Lorenzo; A garden in Belmont.
Plot: Scene 5 Launcelot says Jessica is a bastard then Lorenzo comes and Launcelot says that he has saved her.
Shylock’s speech Says that his desire for revenge will be satisfied if nothing else and that Jews are humans as well.
Shylock’s wife Leah
Bassanio’s Speech Says the world is deceived and things aren’t how they appear, uses law, religion, beauty, and courage as examples
Bassanio’s speech about Antonio Says that Antonio is a paper and every word is a gaping wound issuing lifeblood, this referenced the deal
Portia’s hints Rhymes many words with lead and talks about Belles which are made of lead
Nerissa + Gratiano They plan to get married
Antonio, Duke, and Shylock Shylock wants his bond and doesn’t want to listen to Antonio, Antonio must accept the fate that there is no way of getting around losing his flesh if he loses the bet
Portia’s plan To study the case and dress up as a judge and help Antonio; tells Balthasar to meet her a a ferry in Venice
Launcelot + Jessica Launcelot says that Jessica might be a bastard and that she is damned and will go to hell
Portia’s ring Symbolizes her giving herself to Bassanio, he says it will only come off if he dies
Letter to Portia’s cousin She asks him for legal documents and judge clothing so she can dress up as the judge and help Antonio. His name is Doctor Bellario from Padua
Antonia’s letter He wants to be seen before he dies