Merchant of Venice Act 3

At the beginning of the scene, what is foremost in Shylock’s mind? Money
In response to Salerio’s comment about Antonio’s pound of flesh, Shylock makes one of the most famous speeches in this play. What is the main point of this speech? The main point of the speech is that no matter what , Shylock is getting that pound of flesh
Why does Portia want Bassanio to wait before making a choice of the caskets? Because Portia likes him alot and is afraid of losing him
What is the main point of Bassanio’s speech, and what does Bassanio choose? Explain why he was intrigued with his choice. Bassanio’s main point was that you can’t judge someone because of their appierence and that the only thing that matters is whats in the inside so he chose the lead box. He was intrigued with his choice because he is very humbling and he was drawn to it because it symbolized humility as well
Upon opening the casket, Bassanio is overjoyed yet cautious, why? He’s cautious because it seems to good to be true
What is the significance of the ring Portia presents to Bassanio? It symbolizes her eternal and never ending love for him
What information do Gratiano and Nerissa give to Portia and Bassanio? That they want to get married to eachother as well
Why does Shakespeare present the loss of Antonio’s ship and Jessicas spending almost in the same breath? To make Shylock have mixed emotions and to add comedy becasue one second he’s happy and the next hes angry
Given Shylock’s strong feeling toward getting his revenge on Antonio, do you think he will settle for twenty times the amount of the debt? Explain? I don’t think he will because he’s taking his anger about Jessica out on Antonio
What does Portia tell Lorenzo to do? Where are she and Nerissa going? What does Portia give to her servant? Portia tells Lorenzo to stay at her home and be the master of her servants while she’s gone. They are going to Venice to save Antonio’s life and his debt to Shylock.