Merchant of Venice: Act 2 scenes 1-7

How does the Prince of Morocco describe his appearance to Portia? He is dark-skinned but his blood is as red as anyone’s
Sophy Persian ruler who won over Sultan Solyman
Hercules and Lychas Lychas was the servant of Hercules who unknowing brought him the garment poisoned with the blood of the Centaur, Nessus.
What is ironic about what Portia tells Morocco? She says that he has a good chance as any of her suitors but she does not like any of them
Why do Morocco think he will win over Portia? He is a warrior
Old Gabbo Lancelot’s father
Fiend Devil on the shoulder, temptation, desire to do opposite of good
Old Gabbo was a what? Womanizer
What example that Lancelot compares Shylock to represents anti-semitism? Shylock to the devil
What is Lancelot debating in Act 2 scene 2? Whether or not to leave serving Shylock?
Why does Lancelot play with his father? Because he doesn’t see both literally and that Lancelot is his son
Why Lancelot starving shows anti-semitism? Because Shylock is a Jew
Who wants to go to Belmont with Bassanio? Gratiano
What does Bassanio warn Gratiano about? That he needs to behave well, not so “wild” if he is to come along
What does merry-devil mean? Funny
What does a pagan show? Anti-semitism
Does Jessica know she is wrong to elope? Yes
What is anti-semitismic of Jessica eloping? She will become a Christian= good?
Who does Lancelot invite to Bassanio’s party? Shylock
What is the plot with the “boys” and Jessica? Jessica to come to Bassanio’s party disguised as a torchbearer. She will take gold and jewels from Shylock in order to elope with Lorenzo. She will elope and take his $.
Does Shylock want to go to the party? No but he will go to spite Bassanio. He is very concerned about keeping his possessions safe.
What is Shylock about to lose? His most valuable possession, Jessica
What is ironic of Jessica needing to be Lorenzo’s torchbear? She is holding a candle to her shame. She is embarrassed about how she looks and she is stealing from her father.
What does gentle mean in Act 2 scene 6? Gentle she is no longer a Jew
What is the symbolism behind “no masque”? Trouble for Lorenzo and Jessica
What does the correct casket have inside? Portia’s picture
What is Morocco’s thought behind the caskets? The lead is unattractive; he likes pretty things. The golden one is the correct one because he thinks he deserves Portia because of her birth rank, fortune, grace, and breeding. He wants the best.
What is Portia’s reaction to Morocco picking the wrong casket? She is glad to see him go. She did not like his complexion, dark skin.