merchant of venice act 1-5

as act 2 opens who wants to prove “whos blood is reddest”? morocco
to what is portia refering to when she speaks of “the lottery of my destiny”? the 3 caskets
what does portia tell morocco he must do beofore selecting a casket go to the temple
as act 2 scene 2 opens who is telling launcelot to flee the jew his conscience
why is old gobo looking for shylocks house to give him a present
who does launcelot tell old gobo to see bassiano
bassiano is hesitant to let gratiano go with him to belomont because he is too loud and rude
in act 2 scene 3 Jessica believes that what will solve the misery of life with shylock marrying lorenzo, a christian
what is true and perhaps unusual about Jessica’s character in this play she speaks in blank verse
who brings lorenzo the letter from jessica launcelot
what does jessicas letter to lorenzo say that shylock will be out of the house and lorenzo should go tonight to get jessica
who is the last one to arrive outside shylocks house lorenzo
why does jessica say she is ashamed she is dressed like a boy
what does jessica tell lorenzo is “worth the pains” catching the casket of duckets and jewels she throws out the window
what does the casket that the prince of morocco pick say ” who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire”
how will the suitirs know if they have chosen the right casket it will have a picture of portia
in scene 8 who does salerino and solanio say was not on bassianos ship lorenzo
solanio heard shylock crying in the streets. about what does soliano imply shylock was most upset loosing his duckets and jewels
what did a french man tell salerino a venitian ship has sunk in the english channel
as scene 8 closes who does salerino see shake hands “with affection wondorus sensible”? antonio and bassiano
in sceen 9 the prince of aragon explains that the conditions of the oath he must take require all EXCEPT 1. never woo another maid in way of marriage 2. never tell anyone which casket he chose 3. he must swear to remain true to portia should he choose correctly 4. he must leave immediately if he chooses incorrectly he must swear to remain true to portia should he chose correctly
what does the inscription on the casket aragon chose says ” who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves”
what is contain in the casket aragon chose the portrait of a blinking idiot
what news does a messenger bring portia once aragon has departed a young venetian
as act 2 closes what is the inscription on the casket that has yet to be chosen ” who chooseth me must give and hazrd all he hath”
what casket did morocco chose gold
what casket did aragon chose silver
what was in the casket morocco chose a skull
Why does Bassiano want to marry Portia Because she has money
What does Antonio have to do in order for Bassiano to receive money He must pledge his own collateral for the loan
What biblical passage dies Shylock quote to defend charging interest on loans Jacob receiving the stripper lambs from his father in law
When the play begins Antonio and Portia can best be described as Depressed
The charging of intrest or lack thereof is best represented by what metaphors throughout the play Sheep imagery, such as ewes, weathers and fleeces
Lancelot leaves Shylock to become who’s servant Bassiano
How is Jessica dressed when she runs away from Shylock A man
Lancelot and gobo mimic what biblical screen when they first meet Jacob and Esau
What is one fundamental difference between Belmont and Venice Belmont has women present whereas Venice only had men on the streets
What items does Jessica does trade for a monkey A turquoise ring
How many ships does Antonio believe he has lost in total 3
After Bassiano chooses the correct casket what does Portia give him and tell him never to lose A ring
How does Bassiano choose the casket He chooses by only looking at the caskets
Some scholars have interpreted the relationship between Antonio and Bassiano as Homierotric
What amount of money does Bassanio offer Shylock to pay off Antonios debt 6,000 duckets
How many duckets does Antonio borrow from Shylock 3000
How many months does Antonio have to pay Shylock back 3 months
Why isn’t Antonio worried that he won’t be able to pay Shylock back Because his ships are scheduled to return a moth before he has to pay Shylock back
Why happens if Antonio is late to lay Shylock back Shylock takes a pound of his flesh
What is Antonio A merchant
When Shylock demands a pound of Antonios flesh as collegial for the loan what does Antonio think of his deal He is pleased and remarks that Shylock may someday become a Christian
Who is the merchant of Venice Antonio
What condition must the prince of Morocco agree to before he may choose from among the caskets If he chooses wrong he will never marry
Gobo arrives with a present for Shylock what is the present Doves
Lorenzo and Jessica do what during the masque They run away from Shylock is house taking a great deal of gold and valuables with them
In the play, the failure to marry is analogous to what Castration
What is one fundamental difference between Beloit and Venice Belmont has women present whereas Venice only had men on the streets
Shylock delivers his famous monologue “hath not a Jew eyes” to which character Solanio and salarino
in act 3 scene 1 what does shylock accuse salerino of knowing jessica was leaving
what does shylock say a mans flesh id good for baiting fish
why does shylock want to “execute” the bond to feed his revenge
who brings shylcok good news from Geona about jessica tubal
what is the news about jessica she is spending shylocks money wildly
who is leah shylocks wife
as scene 2 opens what does portia ask of bassanio to wait a few days before he chooses a casket
what ancient hero does portia compare bassanio to hercules
what does portia give bassanio that he must swear he never part with a ring
what surprise news does gratiano give bassanio that he has fallen in love nerissa
who arrives at belmont late to the party but with news LORENZO AND JESSICA
how much money does portia tell bassanio to pay to “deface” the bond 36000 duckets
in act 3 scene 3 how does shylock respond to antonio he refuses to let antonio
how does antonio respond to shylock in the scene he accepts that the law is the law
in act 3 scene 4 to whom does portia leave in charge of the house while she is gone lorenzo and jessica
where does portia tell everyone that she is going a monestary
where is portia really going to see her cousin in padua
what is portia’s response to nerissa when she asks of bassiano and gratiano “shall they see us” yes, but we will be dressed like men
at the beginning of act 3 scene 5 who tells jessica that he thinks that even though she marries a christian she is still damned lancelot
what changes about lorenzo and jessicas language once lancelot exits the stage they speak in blank verse
as act 4 opens the duke speaks to antoni how does the duke feel about antonios predicament he feels sorry for him
when shylock enters the court room what does the duke suggest has been shylocks plan all along in the end to show great mercy to antonio
what does antonio ask the court for judgement
what does bassanio offer shylock 6000 duckets
what is shylocks response to the offer i wouldn’t take 36000 duckets if you offered it to me
who does the duke call back into the courtroom bellario-a learned doctor (lawyer)
who comes into the courtroom instead of bellario portia disguised as a lawyer named balthasar
portia tells shylock his bond is good but he must show mercy towards antonio
to what is shylock referring when he call portia daniel the old testament
when the sentence is passed, what does portia ask is there a scale to weigh the flesh that is cut off
as antonio prepares his bosom for cutting what does he hold on to bassanios hand
what does antonio ask of bassanio tell your wife how much i loved you
how does bassanio respond i’d leave my wife to spare your life
what does gratiano tell antonio i wish my wife was dead
as he’s about to cut antonio what does portia warn shylock the bond doesn’t allow for you to shed any christian blood
what will happen to shylock if he takes exactly more or less than 1 pound of flesh he dies and all of his belongings are to be confiscated by the state
how does shylock respond to that warning “let me take my principle, 3000 duckets and go”
how does portia respond to shylock the bond only calls for flesh that is all you are entitled to have
what final surprise does portia have for shylock he is under arrest for the attempted murder of a christian
what is the dukes final decision antonio gets half of antonios pocessions
why does bassanio offer balthasar once the trial is over the 3000 duckets owed to shylock
what are the 2 things portia asks of gratiano and bassanio gloves and a ring
who tells bassanio to give balthasar what he asked for the ring antonio
how does nerrissa respond when gratiano delivers portia bassanios ring she says that she will get gratiano to give up his ring to
as act 4 ends where does portia send nerissa shylocks house
as act 5 opens, which two characters trade verbal barbs at each other regarding their love jessica and lorenzo
who are the forst people to arrive back in belmont portia and nerissa
where does portia tell lorenzo she has been “praying for our husbands welfare”
as gratiano enter in sence of of act 5 who is he arguing with nerissa
how does portia find out bassiano gave his ring away gratiano tells her
what deos portia say she will never do unless she sees the ring allow bassiano in her bed
whom does portia suggest may have the ring some other women
who steps in a tries to explain to portia that bassianos words are true antonio
what does portia give antonio the ring
what does portia give as preef that she was in the court room a letter from padua written by bellario
what news does portia give antonio at the end of act 5 that his 3 ships have arrived safely at the ports
what does nerissa give lorenzo and jessica a deed fro all of shylocks possessions after he dies