Merchant of Venice

Setting 1 Venice; at the jail, streets, Shylock’s house, courthouse
Setting 2 Belmont; Portia’s palace
Portia 1.obeys father’s will but becomes defiant; dynamic2. Cross-dresses as a lawyer to save Antonio3. Marries Bassanio
Nerissa 1. Marries Gratiano2. Portia’s servant
Antonio 1. Best friend willing to die for Bassanio2. Rich merchant who goes for broke3. Gambles a pound of his own flesh4. Humble, accepting, virtuous
Bassanio 1. Broke trader2. Antonios best friend3. Borrows money from Antonio to pursue Portia4. Marries Portia, returns to Venice to save Antonio
Gratiano 1. Marries Nerissa2. Laid back, aimless, cocky, rude3. Static
Shylock 1. Jewish merchant who loans Bassanio 3,000 ducats2. Angry at Antonio for his tormenting of him3. Plans to take a pound of Antonio’s flesh (his heart)4. Thwarted when Portia says he can’t take any blood, almost convicted for attempted murder
Launcelot 1. Role is comic relief2. Left Shylock to serve Bassanio3. Major purpose is messenger
Solanio Warns Bassanio that Antonio’s merchant ships did not return
Aragon Chose silver because he felt that he deserved only the best
Morocco Chose gold for its monetary value, beauty, flashiness, rarity
Act 1 Scene 1 1. Antonio is worried about his ships2. Bassanio reveals that he plans to borrow money, marry rich Portia, and repay Antonio
Act 2 Scene 2 1. Portia is tired of waiting for the right husband.2. She hopes Bassanio will come and choose right
Act 1 scene 3 1. Bassanio goes to Shylock for the loan2. Shylock is reluctant And taunts Antonio. He agrees that if he isn’t repaid 3000 ducats by the day agreed-upon, he will take 1 pound of Antonio’s flesh
Act 2 Scene 1&2 1. Prince of Morocco decides to try his hand at the game, Portia warned him that if he chooses wrong, he will leave immediately and never speak of marriage again2. Launcelot leaves Shyock to serve Bassanio
Act 2 Scene 3&4 1. Jessica gives Launcelot a love letter for Lorenzo.2. Lorenzo gets the letter and plans to help Jessica to escape
Act 2 Scene 5&6 1. Shylock gets invited to dinner, but he is reluctant to go2. Jessica steals shylocks jewels and escapes with Lorenzo
Act 2 scene 7-9 1. Shylock is upset about his daughter spending all his jewels2. The prince of morocco chooses the gold casket for its preciousness monetary value and rarity3. The prince of Aragon chooses the silver casket because he believes he deserves only the best
Act 3 Scene 1 1. Antonio’s ships have not returned and are presumed to have wrecked in the English Channel 2. Shylock is overjoyed that he will get his bond but at the same time is very angry with Jessica
Act 3 Scene 2 1. Bassanio decides to choose immediately, rather than spend a few days pondering2. Bassanio chooses lead by process of elimination; Gold is too flashy and ornamental, silver is made into common coins
Act 3 Scene 3-5 1. Shylock is merciless, and he is determined to receive his bond. Antonio knows Shylock’s hatred is because he gave money to debtors2. Portia says she and Nerissa will go to the monastery and Lorenzo is in charge. Sends a letter to bellario, go to Venice in pursuit of their husbands3. Launcelot fears that Jessica is cursed because of her father and jests excessively. Jessica says Portia is heaven on earth for Bassanio.
Act 4 Scene 1 1. The duke tries to reason with Shylock, but he won’t be reasoned with.2. Bassanio offers to pay the debt, but Shyock will have the flesh.3. Bellario writes that Balthazar aka Portia will take his place at the trial4. Antonio is willing to accept his fate5. Portia says Shylock is not entitled to one drop of blood.6. Shylock is also unable to take the money, and is subject to arrest for attempted murder. Antonio waives the fine, provided that 1/2 of Shylock’s estate goes in trust to Jessica and Lorenzo.7. Portia and Nerissa demand the rings, but Bassanio refuses. Antonio sends Gratiano to give them the rings.
Act 4 Scene 2 Gratiano gives Portia and Nerissa the rings, and the women declined dinner because they must rush home
Act 5 Scene 1 1. Jessica and Lorenzo receive word that Portia Nerissa and Bassanio will arrive tomorrow morning. They prepare for their arrival.2. Portia and Nerissa arrive first, welcome Bassanio, Gratiano, and Antonio home.3. The women scold the men for giving away their rings. Say they won’t sleep with the men.4. They show the men their rings, say they slept with the lawyer and the clerk for the rings.5. Portia reveals that she and Nerissa were the lawyer and clerk, 3 of Antonios ships docked, and Lorenzo and Jessica get half of Shylock’s estate
Friendship Ultimate obligation
Marriage Lower importance
Weak, below men, raised children Role of women
Communication Poor in marriages
Timid, obedient to father, obedient to husband chosen by father Women were supposed to be …
Portia Dynamic character
Nerissa Servant to Portia
Jessica Static, progressive, Strong-willed, defiant
Insulting humor Picking on Shylock the Jew, Shakespeare wrote for Christian audience
Shylock Forced into hated position so people hated him more