English The Merchant of Venice Character Description – Bassanio

Who is Bassanio A young, priviliged venetian gentleman who doesnt hold down any job and lives a carefree life
Careless with money He wastes a lot of money by spending it carelessly however he is happy to sponge off his friend although he is already in debt. He lives a luxurious lifestyle which he cannot afford. When he speaks about Portia the first thing he mentions is her wealth rather than her beauty and virtue.
Self-absorbed He seems self-absorbed. He doesn’t make any attempt to ask Antonio what is wrong or if he would like any help because he is depressed
Concerned Bassanio is eager for Shylock to loan him money as long as Shylock gets a pound of flesh if the money isn’t repaid. Bassanio urges Antonio to back out of the deal. Bassanio said he would rather live in poverty than leave Antonio take such a big risk.
Caring friend Bassanio is eager to win Portia’s hand in marriage but assures Antonio that he will return to him as soon as possible
Emotional By selecting the lead casket Bassanio is overcome with emotion so much so he can barely speak. His love is evident when he puts on Portias ring and tells her that he will promise to be faithful to her
Noble Bassanio rushes to Antonios assistance with the aid of Portia’s fortune to try and save him from being killed by Shylock
Summary Bassanio is in awe of Portia’s skill fullness in the courtroom . Bassanio decides to bring Antonio to his new home and live with him and Portia in Belmont