Romeo and Juliet unit test

The purpose of the chorus in the prologue is to Introduce the storyline
Why is the prince angry with the capulets and the montages? Both families have been fighting
How does Romeo feel when he thinks about Rosalind? Sad
Lord capulet suggests that Paris should… Try to win Juliet’s heart.
Which character does Shakespeare use to provide comic relief in scene 3 The nurse
Lady capulet tells Juliet to think about marriage because Paris wants to marry her
Which event during the capulets’ party in Scene 5 takes place first? Tybalt recognizes Romeo
Tybalt’s conversation with lord capulet reveals that tybalt is Aggressive
What does the nurse tell Juliet at the end of the party Romeo is a montague
Tybalt meets benvolio in the street and thinks benvolio is Fighting in the street
Why does lord capulet hesitate when Paris asks to marry Juliet Juliet is very young and is capulet’s only surviving child
What reason does Romeo give for wanting to avoid the capulet’s party? He has dreamed that something bad will happen
Romeos presence at the party causes Lord capulet to Say that Romeo had a good reputation
According to the summary of scene one where does Romeo go after the party Into the capulet orchard
Which sentence best explains romeos statement in lines 10-11 from scene 2? “It is my lady, o, it is my love! O that she know she were!” I love Juliet and I wish she knew it
Reread scene 2 like 37 : shall I hear more or shall I speak this at this? Shakespeare uses romeos aside to reveal that Romeo does not know what to say
Juliet is afraid that the love between Romeo and herself Has come too quickly
Juliet tells Romeo that if he loves her he will Marry her
Friar Lawrence is hesitant to marry Romeo and Juliet because he Thinks Romeo is being hasty
Which event in friar Lawrences cell happens last in scene 3 He agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet
Why does the nurse delay telling Juliet about Romeos plans She enjoys teasing Juliet
Why is friar Lawrence concerned about Romeos request to marry Juliet Romeo falls I move too quickly
Tybalts letter to Romeo Challenges Romeo to a duel because Romeo came to the capulet banquet
What plan does Romeo share with the nurse Juliet will say that she is going to confession but will marry Juliet instead
After the nurse sees Romeo her actions toward Juliet show that she Loves Juliet and likes teasing her
Why does Romeo want to avoid fighting with tybalt? Romeo had just married Juliet, tybalts cousin.
Romeo kills tybalt because tybalt fights and kills Mercutio
What is the princes punishment for Romeo Banishment
Lady capulet doubts benvolio’s description of the right because Benvolio is romeos relative and his friend
What does Juliet askThe nurse to do at the end of scene 2 Take Romeo a ring fromJuliet
Romeo responds toThe news of the princes punishment for him by Wailing and moaning irrationally about his fate
Friars Laurence’s plan is that Romeo should Visit Juliet and then hide in mantua
Lord capulet agrees to let Paris marry Juliet. Because lord capulet Wants to make Juliet happy.
Lord capulets reaction to juliets refusal to marry Paris is to Threaten to never see her again
Whose life does Juliet threaten to end in scene 5 Her own
How does Paris feel about his upcoming wedding to Juliet Eager
How does Juliet feel when she first visits friar Lawrence cell Hopeless
Friar Laurence tells Juliet that his potion will make her Fall into a deep sleep
To ensure that she will not have to marry Paris. Juliet Intends to stab herself if the potion fails
Who finds Juliet on the morning of her wedding The nurse
The most likely reason that Shakespeare ends act four with a conversation between musicians and a servant is to Ease the tension with comic relief
Romeo thinks that Juliet is dead because Balthasar tells him that Juliet is dead
Why does friar Laurence hurry to the capulets tomb To free Juliet
Which character teaches the capulets tomb first Paris
Why is Paris at the cemetery? He is upset about Juliet’s death and wants to put flowers on her grave
What does Romeo beg Paris to do Leave him alone
When Romeo enters the tomb he notices that Juliet Is stillBeautiful
Why does friar Laurence leave Juliet alone in the tomb He is afraid of the guard
What does Juliet horn to accomplish by kissing Romeo in the tomb Juliet hopes that Romeo has poison on his lips so that her kiss will kill her
What doe the montagues and capulets do at the tomb End their feud