Romeo and Juliet Timeline Review

Sunday Morning (a) Sampson and Gregory mix it up in the street with Abram and Balthasar.
Sunday Morning (b) Benvolio tells Romeo that there are lots of girls in Verona much hotter than Rosaline.
Sunday Night (a) Lord Capulet hosts a masquerade party.
Sunday Night (b) After the party, Romeo woos Juliet on her balcony.
Monday Morning (a) The Friar, hoping the union between Romeo and Juliet will unify the warring families, marries the two star-crossed lovers.
Monday Afternoon (a) Tybalt kills Mercutio, and then Romeo kills Tybalt.
Monday Afternoon (b) The Nurse informs Juliet that Romeo has killed Tybalt.
Monday Afternoon (c) The Friar tells Romeo to go comfort Juliet, consummate their marriage, and then leave for Mantua.
Tuesday Morning (a) Juliet is informed by her parents that she will marry Paris on Thursday.
Tuesday Morning (b) The Friar calms Juliet and instructs her to take the potion on Wednesday night.
Tuesday Night (a) Even though Juliet fears that the potion won’t work and she’ll awaken amidst a bunch of corpses, she drinks it and collapses on her bed.
Wednesday Morning (a) The Nurse discovers Juliet’s “dead” body in her bed.
Wednesday Morning (b) Balthasar mistakenly reports Juliet’s death to Romeo.
Thursday Night (a) Juliet awakens, discovers Romeo dead next to her, and then kills herself with Romeo’s knife.
Thursday Night (b) The bodies of Paris, Romeo, and Juliet are discovered in the Capulet’s tomb.
Thursday Night (c) The feud is ended as Lord Capulet and Lord Montague vow to honor each other’s child.