Romeo and Juliet – The Prologue and ACT I – SG

Shakespeare uses a prologue to inform the audience that _____. The lovers from the feuding families will die
The fight in Scene I starts when ____. Capulet and Montague servants quarreled over petty insults
Adjectives that describe the character of Tybalt are ____. Saucy and hotheaded
When Benvolio talks with Romeo, he finds his cousin _____. Focused on love and temperamental
Lord and Lady Capulet plan for their daughter to ____. Marry Paris in two years
Adjectives that describe the character of Juliet are ____. Intelligent and obedient
What is unusual about the Montague clan at Capulets’ party? They wear masks
Juliet first meets Romeo ____. At the Capulets’ party
What is the subject of the conversation between the Nurse and Juliet at the end of Act I? Juliet wants the Nurse to identify Romeo
All of the following words are archaic, EXCEPT FOR ___. Halt
Mercutio can be described as a FOIL to Romeo because ____. He comes from a different social class
What point does Prince Escalus of Verona make in his MONOLOGUE to the Montague and Capulet families? Anyone who continues the feud between the families will be put to death
A TRAGEDY is defined by all of the followinqualities