Romeo and Juliet Test Act 2

What is Friar Laurence’s special skill or area of knowledge? medicine man
with what does Friar compare the beneficial and poisonous parts of the plant? the good and evil within a man
about what does the Friar caution Romeo? Not to marry so fast
Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Bring peace between Capulets/Montagues
Who has sent Romeo a challenge for a duel? Tybalt
What excuse is Juliet to give for going to Friar’s cell she says she’s going to confession
Where are Romeo and Juliet to be married Friar Laurence’s cell
Who teases Romeo about Rosaline and his love-sickness? Mercutio
Who teases the Nurse and causes her to become crass(mad)? Mercutio
How does Romeo plan to get into Juliet’s window? By scalling Juliet’s wall
At what time did Juliet send the Nurse to see Romeo and find out the wedding plans? 9 o’ clock
How long haas Juliet been waiting for the Nurse to return with the news from Romeo? 3hrs
How does the Nurse react when she finally returns?
how does the nurse feel about the marriage? she favors the idea, she just wants to see Juliet happy
What is the Friar afraid of? the couple would break up
the friar warns Romeo again about something. what is it? the friar is afraid if he leaves them alone they will have sex
how much do the lovers say their love has grown? juliet says that her love has grown too much to count
how many people know of the marriage? Friar, Nurse, and R&J
Where does the marriage take place? Friar’s cell
What is another name for the Friar? the summoner