Romeo and Juliet Quiz

What does the prologue reveal? the montagues and the caputlets feud
What is the setting of Act 1, scene 1? Verona
What does the conversation with gregory and sampson reveal? They are angry and want to get rid of the montegues
Whom does tybalt fight? benvolio
Who is the Prince adressing? everyone in the streets
How does the Prince respond to the fight between Benvolio and Tybalt any other fighting will result to death
Who is Benvolio nephew of the montegues
Why is Romeo sad? because rosaline doesn’t love him
What is Benvolio’s point of view of love? There are a lot of girls out there
What is Romeo pov of love? There is only Rosaline
Who is Paris a young count kingsman to the Prince
What is Paris asking Capulet permission to do? to marry Juliet
What does romeo say about Benvolio’s suggestion to look at other women? he is not interested
What does Capulet tell paris he wishes for his daughter To wait two more summers to become a bride
How do romeo and benvolio get invited to the Capulet’s feast by a servant because they helped him read
how old is Juliet 13
Who is susan? The nurse’s daughter who passed away
what is the nurse saying in her speech? she is excited that juliet is getting married
Why has Lady Capulet come to talk to Juliet? about getting married
What advice about love does mercutio give give new love a chance
What does romeo fear might happen in the future he will not get married
Why does paris visit friar lawrence? so he can marry juliet
why is lord capulet rushing the marriage so juliet can be happier
what does juliet threaten to do if her marriage to paris cannot be stopped she will kill herself
what are three steps to the plan friar lawrence gives juliet?/ she need to drink the potionshe agrees to marry parisjuliet has to make sure shes alone
who will go to mantua to inform romeo of the new plan friar lawrence
what are the capulets preparing for at their house? the wedding
what does juliet do when she sees her father agrees to marry paris
what change does the capulets make to the wedding plans to push it up to wednesday
what are three things of juliet’s fears as she prepares to take the potion she could dieshe would not wake upromeo does not get the letter
what is the ironic at the beginning of the scene? She wakes up dead on the wedding
why is lord capulet sadder than everyone else? because he kept pushing her to paris
what does friar lawrence say to the family as they grieve over juliet’s death? she has moved up to heaven
what does friar mean in line 94 that the potion killed juliet
Romeo’s dream is misleading because juliet will wake up
the apothecary sells the illegal poison to romeo because he is poor and does not have any money
Friar John didn’t deliver the letter to romeo because he could not leave the city
paris is at the capulet sepulcher to pay respects
romeo kills paris because paris wouldn’t Paris would not let Romeo see juliet
The capulets and montagues end the play with ending feud and putting gold statues
Juliet’s parents think she died from grief over tybalt
what does the chorus reveal to us readers romeo is happy
Whom does romeo see at the window Juliet
when romeo leaves juliet what reason does he give for visiting the friar? to marry juliet secretly
who interrupts romeo ask nurse to tell juliet that he will be waiting at the church for juliet