Romeo and Juliet Practice Quiz

Why does Romeo return to Verona? He believes Juliet is dead
Who was killed by Romeo? Paris
Who was supposed to deliver a letter to Romeo but doesn’t? Friar John
Who finds Juliet dead? Nurse
Who gives Juliet a vile of potion that puts her in a deep sleep? Friar Laurance
Who told his daughter to marry Paris? Lord Capulet
Who kills himself when he finds his wife dead? Romeo
Who built a golden statue honoring Juliet? Lord Montague
Who kills herself because her husband is dead? Juliet
Why does Friar not make it to Mantua? There is a plague
What day does Lord Capulet decide Juliet will marry Paris? Thursday
Who is killed when he goes to visit Juliet’s body? Paris
Where does Romeo rush to when he hears Juliet is dead? The apothecary
After getting permission to marry Juliet who does Paris go to for help? Friar Laurence
Why did the Friar face a moral decision? He agreed married Romeo and Juliet
Why does Lord Capulet decide Paris does not have to wait 2 years before he needed to marry Juliet? He believes they are sad about Tybalt’s death
Who tells Romeo Juliet is dead? Balthasar
What was Juliet’s first step in her plan to take the potion? Apologize to her father and agree to marry Paris
Why does Juliet apologize to her father? She is planning on taking a potion
At the end of the play, who commits suicide over the grief of their child? Lady Montague
How does Romeo comply with Paris’ deathbed wish? Laying Paris’ body next to Juliet