Romeo and Juliet part 2

Which event does the prologue foreshadow The deaths of Romeo and Juliet
What city does the setting take place in Verona, Italy
What is the best interpretation of the playwrights main purpose in scene 1 To stress the turbulence of feuding and civic discord
What is NOT true about dialogue in a play It is always set off by quotation marks
What is Prince Escalus’s message to caplet and Montague Capulet and Montagues will pay with their lives if there and for the disturbance
What best describes stage direction in drama Notes in the text of the play that describes how the work should be performed or stage
What best restates caplets answer to Paris request to marry Juliet Win her heart my permission is only part of the process if she agrees that you will have my consent as well
Which is more helpful when summarizing the passage Use text aids to understand the meaning of the passage
comparing Paris to a book Lady Capulet encourage Juliet to Study all his features carefully
Romeo agrees to go to the Capulet party because he hopes to Catch a glimpse of Rosaline
How does Romeo explain his reluctance to go to the Capulet party He had a premonition of his own death
What obstacle in Romeo and Juliet’s relationship are already apparent The family rivalry and Capulets desire for Juliet to marry Paris
What is the purpose of text aids To provide information about unfamiliar language
What detail about Montague most revealed his character The way he treats his wife
The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is mainly about the families feud and Romeo and Juliet’s first meeting
The prince says that the men who are fighting that way because of their pernicious rage what does. pernicious mean Ruinous
When Romeo’s tears are “augmenting the fresh mornings dew,” they are Adding to it
Which of the following might be expected to cause a grievance A serious injury
what is opposite of transgression Uprightness