Romeo and Juliet acts 1-3 review

Romeo -Son of Montague and Lady Montague -In act 1 he loved rosaline and then as the story progresses he falls in love with Juliet-Husband of Juliet -His best friend is Mercutio-His cousin is benvolio
Juliet -Daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet-12 years old -Falls in love with Romeo -Wife of Romeo-Her close friend is the nurse (tells her everything)
Mercutio -Kingsman to the prince-Bestfriends with Romeo -Helps Romeo with love -Strange
Benovalio -A montague-Montague’s nephew and Romeo cousin -Helps Romeo forgot about Rosaline -Has a mean temper
Tybalt -A capulet -Juliet’s cousin -Always ready to fight
Friar Lawrence -Catholic man -Close with both Romeo and Juliet -Helps Romeo and Juliet both get married
The nurse -The nurse of Juliet -Helps Juliet marry Romeo -A mother figure towards Juliet
Capulet -Father of Juliet -Loves Juliet a lot (last daughter) -Wants her to marry Paris -Hates the Montagues
Lady Capulet -Mother of Juliet-Wants Juliet to marry Paris-Relies on the nurse to take care of Juliet
Montague -Father of Romeo -Hates the Capulets
Lady Montague -Mother of Romeo
Paris -A kinsman to the prince-Wants to marry Juliet
Prince Escalus of Verona -Kinsman to Mercutio and Paris -Annoyed of the fighting that goes on between the Capulets and Montagues
Samson and Gregory -Two servants at the Capulet’s house -Hates the Montagues
Abram -A servant of the Montague -Fights with Samson and Gregory in the beginning
Peter -A capulet servant -Invites Romeo to the Capulets party not knowing that he is a Montague
Rosaline -Romeo’s first love
What happens in the beginning of act 1 scene 1 Samson and Gregory (servants of the Capulets) fight against Abram (servant of the Montague)
What happens between the Capulets and Montagues in act 1 scene 1 A big fight happens between them
What does the prince tell the Capulet and Montague in act 1 scene 1 Tells the Capulets and Montagues that he will kill anyone from know on that disturbs the peace of Verona
What does Benvolio learn about Romeo in act 1 scene 1 Learns that Romeo is in love with Rosaline
Why is Romeo sad in act 1 scene 1 Finds out that he’s in love with Rosaline but the same feeling don’t occur to Rosaline (basically doesn’t like him)
What does Benvolio tell Romeo in act 1 scene 1 about Rosaline Tells Romeo to not be sad/angry about Rosaline since she doesn’t like him because there are more girls in verona that are just as beautiful.
Who wants to marry Juliet in the beginning of act 1 scene 2 Paris
What does Capulet promise Paris to do Capulet tells Paris that Juliet is still young to get married and that when two summers pass, he will allow Paris to marry Juliet if she wants him too.
How does Peter invite Romeo to the Capulet’s party Peter (servant of the capulet) asks Romeo to read the list because he can’t read and since Romeo read it, Peter invites Romeo to the party. Peter not knowing that Romeo was a Montague
What does Benvolio tell Romeo about the party To go to the party to compare other women to Rosaline
Lady capulet asks Juliet about marriage, what does Juliet respond? She has never given thought about marriage
How does capulet treat his guest at the party? -Treats them nice-Welcomes everyone-Tells servants to serve food
Why does Romeo forgot about Rosaline? Because Romeo sees Juliet
What does Capulet tell Tybalt to do about Romeo? Capulet tells Tybalt to not fight Romeo because he doesn’t want to disturb the guests
How does Romeo and Juliet react towards eachother They both like each other and cant get there eyes of each other, Romeo even convinces Juliet to kiss him
How does Juliet react to Romeo’s real identity Juliet reacts badly because she feels that she will die and that her first love was a Montague
What does Romeo compare Juliet too -The morning shine -Far more than beautiful than the moon
Why is Juliet worried about Romeo Thinks that if found with her, Romeo will die
Why does Juliet think they are moving to fast Because Romeo says he wants to marry her
What does Romeo tell Friar He tells him all about Juliet and how she is the one and that he wants his blessings to get married
Why does Friar agree to let Romeo and Juliet get married Thinks that future conflicts between the Capulets and Montague will end
What does Romeo tell the nurse to do Romeo tells the nurse to tell Juliet to find a way to get to Friar to get married
Why was Juliet worried when the nurse came back Because the nurse came with a bad/tired look, but in reality she was just joking around until finally the nurse told Juliet where to go. Also because she took to long to come back
Why does Benvolio tell Mercutio to go somewhere indoor? Because Benvolio doesn’t want him and Mercutio to encounter the Capulet’s men and also it was too hot which brings there temper high.
What does Romeo do when Mercutio and Tybalt fight He tries to calm/stop them from fighting
Who kills Mercutio Tybalt killed Mercutio by accident
What does Romeo do to Tybalt Out of Romeo’s anger he kills Tybalt because of what he did to Mercutio
What does the Prince say about Romeo The Prince says that he will not kill Romeo but he has to leave Verone (exile) and if found in Verona he will die
How does Juliet feel about the exile She feels very angry that Romeo has to leave and that if he didn’t kill Tybalt, Romeo would’ve been dead
What does Juliet tell Romeo when they see each other for the “last time” That next time they see each other is when both of them are dead
What does Lady Capulet tell Juliet That Juliet is going to marry Paris the following thursday
What does Capulet tell Juliet about the marriage That if she doesn’t marry Paris he will own her (kick her out the house and won’t talk to her)
Where does Juliet go after finding out about the marriage Juliet goes to Friar for help and for advice basically