Romeo and Juliet acts 1-2

Where does the story take place? Verona
What were the two families called? capulets, and montagues
What was the issue between to the two families at the beginning of the story? they were feuding
What was the only way to stop the families fighting? the death of Romeo and Juliet
What happens in act one scene one? a street fight breaks out between the Capulets and Montagues, it gets pretty bad but the prince breaks it up and threatens to kill them all is they ever do thatWe learn about Romoe
What kind of person is Romeo? He is emo, depressed, goth, lovesick, impulsive and he is in love with the girl who is not juliet
Who is Gregory and Sampson? Servants of the Caputlets and in this scene sampson wants to start a fight. we learn the gregory is peaceful. Caused a fight
who is benvellio? Romeos cousin, thoughtful friend, he spends his time trying to get Romeos mind of Rosaline.
who is tybalt? capulet. Juliets cousin, HATES the montages
who is abrham? Montagues servant who fights with sampson and gregory
what happens is act 1 scene 2? there is a conversation between capulet and paris declares that he would like to marry juliet. Capulet gives Paris an invite to a party. Capulet then gives one of his servants the party list to go invite people. the servant (peter) cannot read so he asks Romeo and Benvolio to help him. Romeo sees that his love Rosleane will be there. the servant invites Romeo and Benviolo to the party assuming they are Capulets. Benvolio thinks it is a good idea to go to see the other pretty women of verona and romeo agrees to go just for his love.
why should Romeo and Benvolio not go to the party? because there is a threat on the town and if people discover that Romeo and Benvolio are not supposed to be here that will cause trouble and people can die.
why is there a chance that Romeo and Benvolio won’t get caught at the party? because it is a masquerade and people cannot tell who is whom
what could lead to death in act one scene two? bad decisions made by Romeo
What happens in act one scene three? Lady Capulet calls for Juliet to talk to her about Paris wanting to marry her but before she could say anything she asked the nurse to leave and then to come back. The nurse started to say this whole shpiel about how Juliet was so little .. and she should start thinking about marriageJuliet hasn’t even thought about it but she will tonight at the ball, and keep an eye out for paris to start to “fall in love with him”
why is act one scene three important? Juliet is looking for Paris at the party not Romeo. Romeo and Juliet both have different goals that do not involve each other.
What happens is act one scene four? Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio are all about to approach the party with a few other guests, and Romeo is not having a good feeling about going. He doesn’t understand how people aren’t going to know who they really are. Romeo then says how he is not going to dance at the party. Mercutio then mocks Romeo and making fun of his worries. Also, Romeo had a dream that going to the feast wasn’t a good idea. Mercutio then made up a whole story about fairies and at first was joking, but then started to believe himself and got emotional. everything set aside and they entered the party.
why is act one scene four important? -Romeo had a bad feeling someone was going to die. -Romeos dream wasn’t a joke
What could be the cause of deaths in act one scene four? Mercutio could cause death because he was not being supportive of Romeo during his hard time.
who is mercutio? Romeos friend. huge imagination, he made fun of Romeo about his dream
who is the nurse? Juliets nurse, closer with Juliet then her mother, very funny, always making speeches, the nurse believes in love and wants juliet to marry paris.
who is capulet? father of juliet, husband and enemy of lady capulet, loves his daughter, thinks juliet should marry paris
who is lady capulet? juliets mother, capulets wife, married young, wants her daughter to marry paris, relying on the nurse for everything.
who is montague? Romeos father, concerned about Romeo
who is Paris? wants to marry juliet