Romeo and Juliet Act V

Why is Romeo feeling cheerful at the beginning of scene i? He had a dream
What news does Balthasar bring Romeo? That Juliet is dead
After hearing the news, where does Romeo plan to go? To an apothecary
What does the speed with which Romeo makes his decision tell you about his character? He is a bold and decisive person
How is Friar John prevented from going to Mantua to deliver Friar Lawrence’s letter? Quarantine
Why does Paris go to the Capulet tomb? To decorate her grave with flowers and mourn over her death
How do you think Paris feels about Juliet? He loved her
What is Romeo’s real reason for sending Balthasar away from the tomb? So he could drink the poison
Why does Paris think Romeo came to the tomb? To desecrate the bodies
What does Friar Lawrence find when he enters the tomb? That Romeo and Paris are dead
Hoe does Juliet kill herself? She stabs herself with Romeos’ dagger
What causes Lady Montague’s death? She was heartbroken over her son’s exile
Who tells the story of events to the Prince? Friar Lawrence
What does the Prince mean when he says, “All are punished.” Your hate is punished by God who killed both children through love
At the conclusion of the play, what happens between the Capulets and the Montagues They both have solid gold statues made for each others children
In this final act, how are Romeo’s actions guided more by emotion than reason? The death of Juliet lead to the death of Romeo
By family, list the people who have died in the play. Montagues: Tybalt and JulietCapulets: Mercutio, Romeo and Lady Capulet Idk: Paris