Romeo and Juliet Act IV

How does Paris think Juliet feels about him? He thinks she loves him
What does Juliet ask of Friar Laurence? She asked Friar Laurence for a way out of marrying Paris
What does Juliet say she will do if she does not find a way out of marrying Paris? She says she will kill herself
How does Juliet respond to Paris’ compliments in this act? She deny’s Paris’ compliments
What does Friar Laurence say will happen when Juliet makes the potion? She will fall into a deep sleep for 48 hours and she will wake up as if she was sleeping from a pleasant sleep.
How will Romeo learn of Friar Laurence’s plan? Thought a letter that friar Laurence has sent to him
What does Friar Laurence say Romeo and Juliet will do after Juliet awakens? Romeo will go to Juliet and wait until she wakes up and they will run away to Mantua.
In scene II what does Juliet tell her father? She pretends that she wants to marry Paris.
What activities occur in the Capulet household at the beginning of scene II? They’re doing things to prepare for the wedding such as finding a cook
Describe Capulet’s character at the end of scene II. At the end of scene II, Capulet was very happy because he reclaimed Juliet and she agreed to marry Paris. (he got what he wanted)
Describe Juliet’s fears as she gets ready to drink Friar Laurences potion. 1. Juliet is afraid that the plan won’t work and she’ll have to marry Paris2. Juliet is afraid she’ll die because she is afraid it’s poison3. Juliet’s afraid that Romeo won’t show up4. Juliet is afraid that Friar Laurence tricked her 5. Juliet is afraid of being in the tomb alive with spirits and the smell of dead people and skeletons; she is afraid she’ll go insane and start talking to dead people
What effect might Capulet’s change of plans have on the Friar’s arrangements? Capulet’s change of plan might affect Friar Laurence because Romeo will either not get the letter sent from Friar Laurence or he will get the letter and not make it to Juliet in time.
At what time does scene IV occur? morning time
How does Capulet, the nurse, Lady Capulet, and Paris react when they find Juliet? Nurse and Lady Capulet are sad and upset; Capulet is sad and then becomes angry; Paris is sad and is feeling sorry for himself.
What does Friar Laurence tell the family? He tells Capulet all he cared about was her getting married; he tells the family they should be happy because now Juliet has an eternal life in heaven.
According to Lord Capulet, what will happen now to all the preparations that were made for the wedding? They will be used for the funeral