Romeo and Juliet Act III

I. Why does Benvolio suggest that he and Mercutio leave the public square? it’s hot and the Capulet’s are abroad
I. When Tybalt comes, what does he accuse Romeo of? being a villain
I. Why won’t Romeo fight? he doesn’t want to fight with Juliet’s cousin
I. Why does Mercutio decide to fight with Tybalt? he thinks that Romeo is being dishonorable and submitting to insults
I. What happens to Mercutio and how does Romeo bring harm to him when he is trying to help? he is killed by Tybalt; Romeo got between them, and Tybalt stabbed Mercutio under Romeo’s arm
I. What happens when Tybalt returns? He is killed by Romeo
I. What does Romeo decide to do? hide at Friar Laurence’s
I. Who is left to tell the prince and the Montagues and Capulets what happened? Benvolio
I. What does the Prince say he will do to Romeo after all of the bloodshed? banish him
II. In Juliet’s lines that open this scene, what is she hoping will come soon? night—her wedding night
II. What news does Juliet learn from the Nurse? that Romeo has killed Tybalt
II. Describe Juliet’s mixed reaction to the news that Romeo killed Tybalt? She doesn’t know whether to be angry with Romeo or glad that he isn’t dead—she says a lot of paradoxical things about Romeo
II. What does Juliet threaten to do with the ropes that she was preparing for Romeo to climb into her room? hang herself
II. Where is Romeo hiding? Friar Laurence’s
II. What does Juliet give to the nurse to take to Romeo? a ring
III. What is the Nurse referring to in line 84 when she says, “O, he is even in my mistress’ case”? that Romeo and Juliet are both crying and moaning
III. What does the Nurse prevent Romeo from doing to himself? killing himself
III. Friar Laurence says that Romeo has three reasons to be happy. What are they? that Juliet is alive and well; that the Prince hasn’t killed him, just banished him; and that Tybalt would have killed him, but he killed Tybalt
III. Friar Laurence gives Romeo advice: a.First, he should go where? b.But, he shouldn’t stay till what? c.Then, he should go to Mantua and bide his time until what can be done? to see Juliet; dawn, the watch is set; the Friar can beg pardon of the prince, announce their marriage, and reconcile the two families
IV. Why does Paris say that this is not the time to woo Juliet? she is grieving over Tybalt
IV. What does Lord Capulet ask his wife to tell Juliet? that she is going to marry Paris on Thursday
IV. Why is this a problem? she is already married to Rome
V. After spending the night together, Romeo and Juliet have a playful argument about what? whether or not it is daytime
V. How does Romeo leave the house? with the rope ladder
V. What does Juliet’s mother think is the cause of Juliet’s grief? Tybalt’s death
V. Where does Romeo flee to? Mantua
V. In lines 94-103, Juliet appears to be saying that she wishes Romeo were dead, but inside, she really means something else. Explain the meaning her mother gets from the lines and the true meaning of the lines. her mother thinks that Juliet wants to be the one to kill Romeo—she says that she wishes she could get her hands on him; but Juliet really means that she wants to be with him
V. What news does Lady Capulet tell Juliet? that she will marry Paris on Thursday
V. How does Juliet react to the news? she refuses
V. What causes Lord Capulet to become so angry? his daughter’s defiance
V. What does the Nurse advise Juliet to do? to marry Paris
V. Where does Juliet go? to seek advice from Friar Laurence