Romeo and Juliet Act II: Questions

what does juliet mean when she says, “deny thy father and refuse they name?” she wishes to denounce her family name
what plans do romeo and juliet make at the end of scene two? to marry each other the next day
what is a soliloquy? a long speech by a character to himself/herself that no one else can hear
why does she tell romeo not to swear by the moon? the moon changes shape, just as his feelings for her can change
explain the line, “parting is such sweet sorrow” they are leaving each other, which is sad, but they can look forward to seeing each other again the next day
why does friar laurence at first question romeos love for Juliet? he was just crying over his lovesickness for rosaline and has gotten over her so quickly
why does friar laurence agree to marry romeo and juliet? hopes it will end the family feud
what news does benvolio have about tybalt? tybalt wants to challenge romeo to a duel
what does romeo tell the nurse to tell juliet? come to the church that afternoon so they can get married
explain the misunderstanding between the nurse and juliet juliet thinks the nurse has bad news because she is taking so long to tell her
where does juliet go at the end of this act? to the church to get married to romeo
what creates the tremendous tension in scene five? the comic relief and how the nurse is unable to get the news to juliet
which of the two do you believe is really in control of the wedding plans? romeo- arranged the time and place
explain “violent passions have violent ends” love moderately (don’t rush into things); ironic because friar laurence is helping them rush into things by marrying them
what does this mean: I am no pilot. Yet, wert thou as farAs that vast shore washed with the farthest sea,I would adventure for such merchandise. I’m not a sailor, but if you were across the farthest sea, I would risk everything to gain you.
what does this mean: Come, he hath hid himself among these trees,To be consorted with the humorous night.Blind is his love and best befits the dark. Come on. He’s hidden behind these trees to keep the night company. His love is blind, so it belongs in the dark.
from what so far of the world of the play, why would it be hard for juliet to find a way to meet romeo? the feud between the families
how are the speeches of friar laurence and romeo different from those of other characters in earlier scenes? they are more to the point and more conversational
how does romeo act with: benvolio peaceful; civilized
how does romeo act with: mercutio adventurous; they make fun of each other
how does romeo act with: juliet caring, sweet
how does romeo act with: fair laurence honest; complains a lot/vents to him
describe how nurse and mercutio respond to each other in act II. Why do you think shakespeare included this exchange in his play? mercutio says the fan is better bc it covers her ugly face; (shows the disrespect that mercutio gives to people lower than him) for comedic purposes
in shakespearean drama, characters who speak in blank verse are likely to be important and aristocratic. describe the characters who do not speak in verse minor, peasants, meant for comedic purposes (nurse)
what hints have you noticed so far in the tragedy of romeo and juliet to indicate that the love between romeo and juliet may have a lamentable outcome? they have threatened to kill themselves when they thought they wouldn’t be able to see each other