Romeo and Juliet ; Act I

why do sampson and gregory fight with montague’s men ? sampson and gregory are servants of the capulet family which has been fueding with the montague . the fues reached the point where it involves the members and servants of both households .
benvolio and tybalt come upon the servants fighting . contrast their reactions to the fight . benvolio tries to break up the fight and tybalt wants to join and kill the montague .
when montague and capulet enter and see the disturbance , they want to fight , too . what’d do their wives say ? lady capulet tells capulet he better use a crutch instead of a sword . lady montague says to montague ” shalt not stir one foot to seek a foe . ” the wives want the fighting to end .
what ended the opening skirmish ? the prince threatened death to capulet and montague for disturbing the peace .
why is romeo so sad ? he is love – sick, hopelessly in love with a girl .
in Act I Scene ii, paris asks capulet for juliet’s hand in marriage . what is capulet’s reply ? he says juliet is too young and that paris should wait two summers .
why is capulet giving a feast ? he wants to bring out different men for juliet to meet so she could be given a choice of husbands .
how does romeo find out about the feast , and why does he decide to go even though (being a montague) he is not invited ? capulet’s servant unaware of romeo’s identity and unable to read , asks for help reading the invitation list capulet has give him . he goes to see rosaline .
describe juliet’s relationship with her family in Act I . she is respectful and has a good relationship with her family .
at the end of Act I Scene iv , what does romeo tell bevolio , foreshadowing future action in the play ? ‘ for my misgives some consequences yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date with this night’s revels and expire the term of a despised life , closed in my breast bye some vile forfeit of untimely death ‘ he says .
what does romeo mean when he says , ” oh , dear account ! my life is my foe’s debt ” ? he learned juliet is a capulet and she has brought him out of his depression .