Romeo and Juliet Act 4, Scene 1 Questions

Where does scene 1 take place? Friar Laurence’s room
Why is Paris there? to ask Friar Laurence to marry him and Juliet
How does Friar Laurence respond and why? the Friar tries to stall, and say that they shouldn’t get married
How does Paris react to Juliet? Paris is excited to see Juliet (affectionate)
How does she react to him? Juliet is polite
What excuse does Juliet give for being there? confession
Why is Juliet really there? to ask the Friar for advice (on how to get out of the marriage to Paris)
What does Juliet mean by lines 51-68? if Friar Laurence can’t help her get out of the marriage to Paris, she will stab herself
Why is Juliet willing to follow that plan before she hears it? she will do anything to just be married to Romeo
How does Juliet prove her willingness? jump off a tower, be a thief, hide with corpses, stay with a corpse and shroud in a grave, be chained with bears, or hang out with snakes
Will Juliet follow the plan after hearing about it and why? yes, she is willing to do anything to be with Romeo
What is the Friar’s plan? Juliet will go home an tell her parents that she will marry Paris while the Friar sends a messenger to Romeo, on Wednesday night she will be alone in her room and drink potion that will make her look dead for 42 hours, when Paris goes to wake her up on Thursday she will appear dead, Juliet will be placed in the Capulet Vault, Romeo will break into the Capulet Vault just in time for Juliet to wake up, and that night Romeo and Juliet will go back to Mantua