Romeo and Juliet act 4 quiz

what is to occur on Thursday? Paris and Juliets wedding
according to paris, why is capulet hastening the marriage? They think Juliet is sad over Tybalts death that when Paris and Juliet get married Juliet will know longer be sad.
what is Juliet’s threat? Juliet wants to kill her self and she shows Friar Laurence the knife she has. Juliet says she longs to die, and if she has to give her life to someone else she will.
what help does friar give Juliet? helps Juliet get out of the wedding.
what does the line mean, “It may be so, for it is not mine own Juliet is talking about her and Paris’ wedding
how long will friars solution last? 42 hours
what is the dramatic irony with Juliet and her father? Juliet father thinks she was with Friar talking about obedience, but really she was trying to get out of the wedding.
What change of plans does Lord Capulet make? what does this mean for Juliet? Lord Capulet moved up the date for the wedding, so that means Juliet’s plan has to happen earlier.
what instruction does Juliet give the nurse? Why is this important? Juliet tells the nurse to get out of her room and don’t come in because she will be praying. This is important because Juliet’s plan is about to happen
What scene does Juliet vividly imagine? She dreams of death during the night.
What does Juliet do at the end of the scene? drinks the potion while saying Romeos name
what is the purpose of scene 4 everyone is staying up all night to get ready for the wedding. lady Capulet tells the nurse to go get Juliet ready.
Who discovers Juliet dead? the nurse finds Juliet dead on her bed
according to Capulet who is his son in law? death is his new son in law
what is friar Laurence saying in his speech? stop your crying we need to get ready for the funeral, Juliet is in heaven now it is a better place for her. Don’t be sad, your job was supposed t get her to heaven. She is better off dead then alive.
what changes does Capulet make from the wedding? Lord Capulet changes all the wedding decorations into funeral decorations.