Romeo and Juliet act 3 test

What is ironic about mercutio accusing benvolio of being quarrelsome? Benvolio is also quarrelsome
Romeo is motivated to kill tybalt because…. Tybalt killed mercutio
The prince decrees that Romeo is… Banished and must leave Verona or face death
When the nurse brings Juliet the news of the day’s tragedy, Juliet misunderstands and first thinks the slain man is… Romeo
When benvolio tells prince escalus what happened on the street he…. Tells the truth
Juliet sends the nurse to give Romeo…. A ring
When Romeo hears of the punishment he is… Upset; describes it as “worse than death”
Friar laurence tells Romeo to… To leave Verona before morning
In act 3 capulet tells Paris that… Juliet is too upset to talk about the marriage
Why is capulet so upset by juliet’s refusal to marry Paris? He considers Paris to be good for her
Capulet warns Juliet that if she does not marry Paris on Thursday he will… Disown her
Juliet loses trust in the nurse at the end of act 3 because the nurse.. She wants her to marry Paris
After his wedding night Romeo departs for… Mantua
Why dos Juliet go to friar Laurence’s cell at the end of act 3? Needs his advice
In scene 1, mercutio speaks the following line: “Tybalt, you ratcatcher, will you walk?” Mercutio wants tybalt to… Fight
At first Romeo doesn’t want to fight tybalt because.. They’re “related” (through marriage with Juliet)
The prince punishes Romeo by… Banishing him
When the prince arrives, benvolio… Tells him everything that happened
All of the following consequences result from Romeo killing tybalt except… Juliet thinks Paris is more honorable
Friar Laurence says Romeo should be glad for the following except… Benvolio survived the sword fight
The nurse helps Juliet by… Taking the ring to Romeo
Which statement is true about Paris? He wishes to marry a woman that hasn’t been courted
Lord capulet responds to the death of tybalt by.. Planning Paris and Juliet’s wedding
All of the following events happening in act 3 except for… Lord capulet convinces Paris to leave Verona
Where is Romeo sent because of his banishment? Mantua
Explain how two character are causing Juliet to be “torn” between what she wants to do and what she is being forced to do. 1.) lord capulet and Romeo: wants to marry Romeo, but capulet is forcing her to marry Paris despite her feelings.2.) Paris and Romeo: loves Romeo but can’t marry him.