Romeo and Juliet ACT 3 Scene questions

What indication does Benvolio give that he feels trouble might be coming? The day is hot and gets your blood boiling .nervous
How does Mercutio make fun of Benvolio in Scene 1 Mercutio says Benvoilios moody, being an excessive fighter, never peaceful and violet.
Who is Tybalt looking for ? Why has he come? Romeo, he crashed the party
Why does Benvolio try to stop the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt? He try’s to keep the peace so no one gets killed
Why does Romeo refuse to fight Tybalt? because Tybalt is now his family and he does not want to hurt Juliet
Why does Mercutio stand up to fight Tybalt when Romeo won’t? He thinks Romeo was weak
Explain how Mercutio WAS STABBED. Mercutio challenges,Tybalt to a duel, so he takes his sword and attacks Mercutio.
What does Mercutio mean by- a plague o both your houses”? I hope both your families get sick and die.
Why does Romeo suddenly want Tybalt dead? Romeo wants to kill Tybalt for killing Mercutio
After killing Tybalt, Romeo says, “O, I am fortunes fool”. What does this mean, Why is this line important to the outcome of the play? he has awful faith and its killing him
What does Benvolio say Romeo tried to do before Mercutio was killed? to not fight in the first place
Who now wants Romeo dead? Lady Capulet
What is the princes punishment for Romeo? Why is this Surprising? Hers exiled, he was suppose to get married.