Romeo and Juliet Act 3: Scene 5

Why does Juliet want the nightingale to be singing instead of the lark? So Romeo can stay longer. The lark singing means that it is morning and he needs to leave.
Since Romeo is banished, where does he plan to go? Mantua.
Juliet has a frightening vision of Romeo. What did she see and what does this foreshadow? That he looks like a dead man in the bottom of a tomb. Foreshadows his death.
What is Lady Capulet’s plan for Romeo? To send someone to Mantua to kill him with poison.
Juliet gives her mother some shocking news. What is it? That she will not marry Paris. She would marry Romeo whom the family hates before she would marry Paris!
Juliet’s parents give her an ultimatum. What is it? She must marry Paris or she will be kicked out of the family (disowned)
What does it appear Juliet’s parents are more interested in having than their daughter’s happiness? The social acceptance that will come from marrying such a rich spouse. They want the wedding to happen.
The Nurse gives Juliet some advice. What is it? That Paris is rich and handsome. More than Romeo and that Juliet’s marriage with Romeo is pretty much over so she should marry Paris and be happy about it.
What does Juliet think of the nurse’s advice? That the nurse is a witch like her mother and has abandoned her.
Whose advice does Juliet now seek? Friar Laurence
If Juliet gets no acceptable advice, what is her plan? to commit suicide