Romeo and Juliet act 3

Tybalt still enraged at Romeos intrusion at the Capulets ball is determined to fight but Romeo refuses. Why? Because he is married to juliet which makes him family and is trying to bring peace to their families
How does Mercutio get involved, and what happens to him? He challenges Tybalt, and Tybalt kills him
How does Romeo react to what happens to Mercutio? What does he do? He is enraged and challenges tybalt and he kills tybalt
What decree does the prince make Romeo is banished
Explain how this scene serves as the crisis and turning point of the drama Tybalt kills Mercutio and then romeo kills tybalt who is techiquelly his family
Explain the dramatic irony in the beginning of this scene. Juliet is talking to herself about how excited she is about romeo coming to her bed of chamber meanwhile she doesnt know about tybalts death and romeos banishment but the auidence does
How does Juliet react to the nurses news? She is confused/not sure how to react
What does juliet plan todo with the cords Kill herself
How does the nurse console her She will go find romeo and bring him to her
How does romeo react to the news of his banishment? He is very upset and thinks that his world is over and that death would be an easier punishment