Romeo and Juliet Act 3-?

tybalt is now related to him and he doesnt want to fight his cousin Why does Romeo refuse to fight Tybalt?
Mercutio decides to fight him What is Mercutio’s reaction to Romeo not fighting Tybalt?
sword from Tybalt when Romeo was trying to break them up. Mercutio couldnt see past Romeo. How is Mercutio wounded?
he blames himself. his love for juliet has made him forget his manliness What does Romeo do when Mercutio dies? Why is this the Crisis of the play?
banishes romeo from the city. because he didnt start it and mercutio is related to the prince what is the princes judgement after hearing of the deaths? why doesnt he sentence romeo to death?
she thinks romeo has been killed what misunderstanding does the nurse have with juliet about the recent deaths?
does not want to forgive him but does because they are married so she wants to support him what is juliets reaction to romeo killing tybalt? what causes her to change her mind?
happy he is not dead, realizes her wedding night is not going to happen, threatens to kill herself what does romeo’s banishment mean to juliet?
friar laurneces cell where is romeo hiding?
death would be better. he is yelling and throwing a tantrum, very emotional what is romeo’s reaction to his banishment?
he is alive, juliet is alive, banishment can blow over what 3 reasons does friar laurence give to romeo on why he should be happy?
the nightgail and the lark, night and day what two things of nature are compared as the wedding night of romeo and juliet end?
they both look dead to eachother How does the couple see eachother when romeo is climbing down from juliets balcony?
refuses to marry him and rather marry romeo because she “hates” him. think she is still upset about tybalt. wishes she was dead/angry with her what is juliets reaction to her mothers announcement? How do her parents react?
she says she should marry paris how does the nurse disappoint juliet in this scene?
because she has been mourning over tybalt why has paris “little talked love” with juliet?
he will plan the wedding what does it mean when lord capulet says he will “play housewife this once”
what if it doesnt work, she wakes up before romeo comes and she sufficates. being with dead bodies, the friar actually gave her poisen what are juliets fears about drinking the potion?
the nurse who finds juliets “dead” body first?
balthasar, friar john who brings the news to romeo about juliets death? who is it supposed to be?
a vile of poisen, he is poor Romeo gets the apothecary to give him ___. Why does he when he knows the penalty is death?
mantua where does romeo go when he is banished?