Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scenes 1-6

In scene one, who is trying to find Romeo Mercutio and Benvolio
Why does mercution make fun of romeos love for rosaline? because he thinks it has made romeo weak now
what is the setting in scene two the capulets orchard and juliets balcony
why is juliet worried when she sees romeo in her orchard in scene two because t=if he is caught there the capulets will kill him
in scene two, what warning does juliet give romeo she tells him that if they find him they will kill him.
why is juliet worried about romeos name because the capulets and montagues are enemies but the two children are in love (romeo and juliet)
why does juliet not want romeo to swear his love by the moon because the moon is always changing and she doesnt want their love to ever change
how does juliet respond when romeo asks for her to swear her love in a vow towards him she says she has already vowed her love to him but she will do it again
what does juliet suggest romeo do if her is serious about loving her marry her at 9:00 am the next morning
what literary elements are in friar laurences speech personification, allusion, metaphor
what id being personified in friar laurences speech the herbs (spices) in the garden
when friar laurence sees romeo, who does he think romeo has been with he thinks romeo has been sleeping with rosaline
what does romeo ask friar laurence to do to marry him and juliet
what is friars reaction when romeo asks him to marry him and juliet he thinks romeo has moved on too fast from rosaline
why does friar laurence agree to help romeo and marry him and juliet because he thinks it could end the fued between the two families.
What does friar laurence mean when he says “wisely and slow. they stumble that/run fast.” he means that if you rush into something it is bound to fail. go slow and steady, things will be better.
in scene four, what does tybalt want from romeo he wants to fight romeo
how does mercutio describe tybalts fighting skills he compares it to singing (pricksong)
why is mercutio pleased when romeo exchanges puns with him because romeo doesnt usually act like that
why is the nurse furious with mercutio because she just met him and she feels as if he is rude
when the nurse returns, how does she infuriate juliet She tells juliet to marry Paris
why is juliet so impatient she wants the nurse to be there when she gets married to romeo
Who is mercutio a FOIL to and how? Romeo. Because Mercutio is crazy, funny, and loud and Romeo is lovesick and sad.
who is the nurse a FOIL to and how? Lady Capulet. The Nurse has taken care of Juliet and is always there for her and really cares about her. Lady Capulet has been absent in Juliets life and isnt always there for her. Nurse has raised Juliet.
What does romeo always compare Juliet to in act two Light