Romeo and Juliet: Act 2 Scene 5 Quotes

“In half an hour she promised to return” Juliet is very much panicked by the fact the Nurse is not back yet after having saying it would only take her half an hour; this immediate negative reaction shows how Juliet is already thinking of the worse and how when she does arrive she thinks the Nurse bares bad news because ‘thou’ looks ‘sad’.
‘how my bones ache! what jaunce have i!” The Nurse in this scene is almost teasing Juliet, she is avoiding telling the only answer Juliet wants to know by instead complaining of how tired she is because of the strenuous journey she has been on because of Juliet.
“Jesu, what haste! Can you not stay a while?” Again the Nurse is testing Juliets patience by asking her to wait a while, whilst she catches her breath. Julirt then retorts a strong comeback to the Nurses games by saying ‘The excuse that thou dost make in this delay is longer than thr tale thou dost excuse.’
“Then hie you hence to Friar Lawrence’ cell.” The Nurse finally at the end of the scene tells Juliet where Romeo will be waiting for her, because at this cell ‘There stays a husband to make you a wife’. The Nurse already is keen on Romeo as ‘his face be better than any mans’.
“But you shall bear the burden soon at night” This dark foreshadowing hints of the future disasters to come, The Nurse and the Friar have both hinted at this disaster to come, here the Nurse says she will carry Romeo’s weight with her at night..