Romeo and Juliet Act 2: Scene 2

To what does Romeo compare Juliet? How does Romeo say Juliet’s eyes are like? He compares Juliet to the sun and says that her eyes are as sparkle like the stars.
What does Romeo wish he were? A glove on Juliet’s hand so he could touch her cheek.
What does Juliet say Romeo should do about his name? She wants him to change his name.
Why is Juliet surprised at Romeo’s presence? Because the walls around the orchard he is in are very tall.
What does Romeo say is more dangerous than Juliet’s kinsmen? He says that there is more danger in Juliet’s eye than in 20 of her kinsmen’s swords.
How does Romeo say he discovered where Juliet was? His love led him to her.
Why is Juliet so open with Romeo? Because she loves him and wants to marry him.
Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear by the moon? Because the moon is constantly changing and she does not want Romeo’s love for her to change.
Why isn’t Juliet happy about the promises of love just made? Because they fell in love so quickly. She wants their love to grow and bloom like a flower.
Why does Juliet wish she hadn’t yet vowed her love to Romeo? She wishes she could give her vows again.
Why is Romeo afraid that his meeting with Juliet is a dream? Because she is everything he wants and since it is evening, he thinks it is just a dream.
What choice does Juliet set before Romeo? To set the time and place for their wedding.