Romeo and Juliet ACT 2

What happened to Romeo’s love for Rosaline? Its dead, its no more.
Where does Romeo go? Why? He goes over an orchard wall.To get away from his friends
Why do Mercutio and benvolio think Romeo us acting this way? He is lovesick about Rosaline.
What does Romeo mean when he says “he jests at scars who never felt a wound” about Meructio. Mercutio’s never been in love.
What extended metaphor does Romeo use for Juliet? She is a sun because of her beauty.
Why does Romeo wish he were a glove? To touch Juliet’s cheek.
Another extended metaphor Romeo uses for Juliet bright angel
What does Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo mean? Romeo, Romeo, why are you Romeo.
When does Juliet realize that Romeo is eavesdropping? After she has declared his love for him
Why does Juliet tell Romeo not to swear by the moon? It is constantly changing. It is inconsistent.
In what ways is Juliet and Romeo’s love like lighting? It is too fast and to quick.
What is the Lover’s plan for tomorrow? To get married
What does Friar Lawrence say is paradoxical about flowers and herbs? They have healing powers but they are also poisonous.
What is Friar Lawrence worried when he sees Romeo? He is worried because he thinks that Romeo has been up all night with Rosaline
Why is Friar suspicious of Romeo’s feelings for Juliet? He was in love with Rosaline just yesterday.
Why does the friar still agree to help the lovers? It might end the feud between the two families.
What arrived at Romeo’s house according to benvolio and Mercutio? A letter from Tybalt
Would Romeo know about it? Why or Why Not? No because he hasn’t been home
What does Mercutio mean (metaphorically) by “Alas,poor Romeo,he is already dead”? He has been killed by love.
Give two examples of literary allusions Numbers that Petrach flowed in a dowdy Cleopatra a gyspy
How does the nurse fell about Mercutio’s teasing her? It makes her angry.
What message does Romeo gives the nurse for Juliet? Go to confession Go to Friar Lawrence’s cell They will get married
What is Romeo’s Servant going to bring to the nurse that afternoon? Why? A rope ladder so that Romeo can climb the orchard wall.
What description of Paris does the nurse give Romeo She tells Romeo that’s he is a Toad.
How is this different from her conversation with Juliet? The nurse tells Juliet that Paris is a flower.
Why is Juliet upset at the begging of scene five? The nurse hasn’t come back with new from Romeo.
What does the nurse do that makes Juliet more upset? She delays the message.
What is the warning that Friar gives Romeo? Love Moderately
What is implied when the Friar says “Till Holy Church incorporate two in one.” Juliet and Romeo are married.