romeo and juliet act 2

cunning the intelligence to trick
vile disgusting
predominant most dominant
unwieldy large and hard to handle
analogy comparing two things to explain an idea
a rose by any other name would smell as sweet what is the example of analogy?
imagery creating pictures by words
irony the opposite of what is expected to happen in a situation
the earth thats natures mother is her tomb what is the example of irony?
dramatic irony occurs when the audience knows something that the characters do not
we know romeo and juliet are getting married but their families do not what is the example of dramatic irony?
situational irony the opposite of what you expect to happen in a situation happens
juliet lies about going to confession what is the example of situational irony?
verbal irony sarcasm
any man that can write may answer a letter what is the example of verbal irony?
monologue speech delivered by a character to another character
oxymoron 2 opposite terms
parting is such sweet sorrow what is the example of oxymoron?
personification figure of speech in which human qualities are given to non human things
arise fair sun and kill the envious moon what is the example of personification?
soliloquy long speech given by a character speaking to themselves
if you cant see her you cant get her what does mercutio say about “blind love”?
the sun what does romeo compare juliet to when she appears on her balcony?
she mumbles how does juliet “speak, yet say nothing”?
he wishes he could be a glove on her hand to touch her cheek when juliet leans her cheek on her hand, what does romeo say?
give up his family unaware of his presence, what does juliet ask romeo to do?
names do not define a person what does juliet say about names
he flew on the wings of love. hed rather die than if she doesnt love him juliet asks romeo how he got into her place. the orchard walls are high, and romeo’s life would be in danger if her relatives were to find him here. what is romoe’s response to these questions?
she didnt mean for romeo to hear how she felt about him why is juliet embarrassed?
to find out details of the wedding juliet is going to send someone to romeo on the following day for what purpose?
herbs and plants what has friar laurence been out gathering in his basket?
good can be used for evil and evil be used for good explain “Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied,And vice sometime by action dignified”
hes either troubled and up early or he hasnt been to bed when friar laurence sees romeo, what comment does friar laurence make about seeing romeo so early in the morning?
they like what they see what does friar laurence mean when he says to romeo, “young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes”?
to end their families fued friar laurence agrees to perform the marriage ceremony for romeo and juliet for what reason?
fashionable and dangerous man according to mercutio, what kind of man is tybalt?
do not hurt her what does the nurse say to romeo?
at confession how is juliet arranged to meet romeo?
3 hours how long is the nurse actually gone for?
the nurse wont tell her the news how is the nurse behaving that is frustrating juliet?
get to know each other-it will be the only way it will work what does friar laurence mean when he says, “Therefore, love moderately; long love doth so”?